Negotiate With Foreign Terrorists, Distract With Domestic ‘Terrorists’

That shady Obama character keeps on moving, like Speedy Gonzalez.

Only days after his Administration was bragging about violating the former rule against negotiating with foreign terrorists, the president’s Justice Department has announced it will re-form a domestic anti-terrorism group that was disbanded more than a decade ago.

At first blush, you might be tempted to think that re-establishing the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee is a good thing because, hey, that shooting at the Jewish community center in Kansas City, Missouri, in April was scary.

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But then you might take note of Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement that, while the DOJ is still concerned with Islamic terrorists, the DTEC will focus on “other” motives for terror inside the country.

You might even recall that Holder is the man whose Justice Department gave guns to Mexican drug cartels in a complex operation designed — apparently — to raise support for liberals’ anti-gun laws by creating a wave of criminal terrorism in the country.

Then there was the incident where the Department of Justice dropped all charges against a group of Black Panthers who terrorized people they thought might vote against Obama at their local polling station.

You could also summon up the several reports issued by the Administration essentially labeling anyone who believes in the Bible and the Constitution a potential terrorist threat. While the DOJ and DHS have talked about an incredible growth of “right-wing extremism,” they’ve never quite been able to pin down exactly what they think they mean by it or even what evidence supports their conclusion.

That’s somewhat similar to how Obama mysteriously said during his first presidential campaign that we need a civilian security force just as well funded and equipped as the military, but he never explained precisely who he thought the enemy was.

So, in summation, the Obama Administration, which can’t tell an enemy combatant from a White House brunch guest, is going to assemble a cadre of armed bureaucratic liberals who are guaranteed not to have the collective brain power that God gave your average squirrel, and point them at the Tea Party and anyone else who thinks Obama should be run out of town on a rail. (That’s terrorist talk right there.)

Meanwhile, real hate groups that have inspired actual violence, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, will get a pass.

It’s just another day in Obama’s Amerika. We’ve got some camps that need fillin’.

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