New Health Insurance Offers $7 Doctor Visits

With the rising costs of healthcare and uncertainty as to whether Obamacare will be repealed and/or replaced, there is a new health insurance company called “7 Health” making waves in Texas.

The company offers the following services for just $7:

  1. Office Visit
  2. After-hours urgent care
  3. Cholesterol lab test
  4. Strep test
  5. Diabetes screen test
  6. Flu shot
  7. Prostate screen test
  8. Pnuemonie shot
  9. EKG
  10. Join injection
  11. Well-woman exam
  12. Spirometry
  13. Yearly physical
  14. Allergy testing
  15. Allergy shot (kenalog)
  16. Spinal adjustment
  17. Sports physical
  18. School physical
  19. Thyroid test
  20. Medical weight loss visit
  21. Stitches

Their site reads:

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If you’re like most people, your healthcare costs are spiralling up. To add to the frustration, if you do get health insurance, you never really know what you’re getting for your money.

We hear you. We are 7 health.

7 Health can save you thousands per year on healthcare costs, simply by eliminating the traditional insurance middle-man for about 85% of your healthcare needs. It’s very simple. You join our healthcare membership program starting at just $77 per month. With that membership, you get $7 office visits, $7 flu shots, and much more. Affordable Healthcare Frisco TX.

They appear to have found a system that allows their healthcare to be extremely affordable. This blows Obamacare out of the water!

A few of their testimonials read:

“Through this program I have the independence of having healthcare, but I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for that option. I have your business card in my wallet and the security of knowing that if I’m ill, someone will take responsibility for me.” – J.M.

“I couldn’t afford the outrageous health insurance premiums because of my medical history…This program has not only made good healthcare affordable, I haven’t felt this good in many years. Thanks  for making it possible!” -D.B.

“We were able to diagnoses and treat my son’s allergies for much less than what we would have through insurance. Thanks so much.” -S.T.


Unfortunately it is only available in Texas right now. However, I hope that this company will either expand or perhaps another company will begin to do something similar.

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