New Iran Leader Loves the ‘New’ America

Yes, Iran president Hassan Rouhani loves the United States. He loves that our leaders, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, believe he is a moderate. They honestly believe, or at least appear to believe, that Rouhani is interested in a lasting peace — that he is a reformer and has no interest in a nuclear armed Iran.

When Rouhani was elected about a year ago, the left heralded him as a step forward for Iran. We finally have a reasonable replacement for that wacky Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Yes, Ahmadinejad, who was so radical that he was invited to speak, and did so, at Columbia University, our president’s alma mater, in 2012. He is so radical that he will be teaching a course at Columbia University this year entitled “Embracing Social Media as a Tool for Positive Change,” but that’s a story for another day.

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Both the administration and the mainstream press thought of Rouhani — finally, a reformer, someone we can deal with.

Of course that’s not who he is at all. We on the right knew then as we still know, that the Iranian Mullahs, who are the real rulers of that country, would never allow a reformer to be the face and deal maker of their nation.

In a speech meant solely for Iranian consumption, Rouhani said: “Have you [America] managed to bring about security for yourselves with atomic bombs? Have you managed to create security for the usurper Israel?” Huh? You mean he’s not a fan of Israel? Who would’ve guessed that?

Yet the geniuses at the New York Times  excuse his remarks by writing that “The speech appeared to be part of an attempt to counter Iranian hardliners who had suggested that Mr. Rouhani is too willing to compromise with the Americans on the nuclear issue after decades of hostility and mistrust.”

Like our administration, the lefties at the New York Times are still convinced that Rouhani is some kind of reformer. However, the oppressed Iranian people aren’t fooled. They are the poor souls who must continue to live, and die, under this new moderate regime.

Since Rouhani took power only a year ago, 1000 Iranians have been executed by his regime — 45 in just the past two weeks. And the more the public protests and complains of the current regime, the more brutal they get.

Now, Rouhani has come out publicly against the ISIS beheadings, and this undoubtedly is meant solely for the West and particularly for the U.S. mainstream press in that he knows it will be dutifully reported by them — which they have.

It’s odd that the same Western media isn’t interested in reporting that state executions have massively intensified. Public floggings, public hand amputations, and other public demonstrations of regime brutality have also expanded to levels unseen in recent years — much worse than his predecessor.

And yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, our State Department is firm in its commitment to negotiate with this brutal sponsor of terror.

And Iran is taking full advantage of this administration’s naïveté. They evidently see the Obama administration as so weak and inept that their Foreign Minister believes he can threaten us.

The Jerusalem Post reports that “Iran’s foreign minister has warned the United States that failure to agree to a nuclear deal will likely herald the political demise of pragmatist president Hassan Rouhani,” and that our leaders fear “a breakdown in talks would empower Iran’s hardliners.”

And I guess the threat worked, for less than a day ago Obama announced that “We are presenting to them a deal that allows them to have peaceful nuclear power but gives us the absolute assurance that is verifiable they are not producing a nuclear weapon.”

Anyone believe that? If I were Rouhani, I would love America too. We’re a bunch of chumps!

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