New Jersey Teacher Being Persecuted for Christian Beliefs Posted on Own Facebook Page

In the past, we’ve seen articles and blogs about students and teachers that have been penalized for expressing their personal beliefs in the classroom, especially if those beliefs have been against homosexuality.  Students have been punished for saying homosexuality is a sin.

And on the flip side, teachers and other public school employees can say anything they want against Christianity and Jesus without any fear of penalty.  There was the case of a school bus driver who called a young girl and ‘stupid little bigot’ when he overheard her tell another student that she believed homosexuality was wrong.  Nothing happened to the bus driver.  Hundreds of teachers have ridiculed Christian students in the classroom in front of other students and nothing is done about it.

Now a New Jersey second grade school teacher, Viki Knox is facing possibly suspension or termination because of what she posted on her own Facebook page on her own time.  The school where Knox teachers was publicly recognizing Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual History Month.  On her own personal Facebook page, Knox wrote that homosexuality is a sin and that it ‘breeds like a cancer.’  She also wrote that the publicizing of LGBT History Month was ‘unnatural, immoral behavior before the rest of us.’

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Gay rights groups have jumped on the case accusing Knox of teaching hatred in the classroom.  At the school board meeting to discuss Knox’s situation, activists were shouting ‘no hate in our state.’

Those supporting Knox are accusing gay rights activists for bullying Knox and that bullying should not be allowed in the schools in any form.  Some are also pointing out that to punish Knox for her religious views on homosexuality would amount to violating her right of religious freedom.

At the moment, Knox has been placed on administrative leave pending the school board’s decision and Facebook has removed her page.  If this doesn’t constitute bullying in the public school system, I don’t know what does.  Even teachers can and are being bullied for their religious beliefs just as are students!

I bet that if Knox had posted something on her Facebook claiming that Christian were intolerant bigots that nothing would have happened and she would still be in the classroom with her second graders.  This is just another example of Christian persecution that has been happening more and more here in what once was a Christian nation.

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