The New Liberal States of America

Recently Mark Levin suggested, as has Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and even little old me, to allow the liberals of this country to pick the states of their choosing and form their own leftist nation – The Liberal States of the World.

Mark suggested that they pick 10 states, all move there, and have a ball. They can even pick the nicest states – the coastal ones, although with the sure onset of global warming, maybe not. We wouldn’t want all those lefties to be washed out to sea.

So let’s just say they will occupy both coasts and we conservatives will move into the crappy flyover states. We’ll even throw in Washington DC as a bonus.

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They would now be free to do anything they want – enact any legislation – raise any tax – mandate any regulation and pack any court, with no unreasonable conservatives to stop them with their religious dogma.

They may rewrite the Constitution, or better yet, scrap the whole thing and replace it with FDR’s Second Bill of Rights.

If you’re unfamiliar with them or need a review, here are a few of the real standouts:

  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation.
  • The right of every family to a decent home.
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
  • The right to adequate protection from economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment.
  • The right to a good education.

Wow – where do I sign? That sounds great and completely reasonable and workable. It sounds like manna from heaven, except there is no heaven – so manna from Mother Earth.

This new liberal nation can make guns illegal. They will no longer be needed anyway.

All drugs can be made legal, except for cigarettes.

All prisoners will be let out of jail and instead receive counseling, for they are just troubled and misunderstood.

Everyone, as Michelle Obama said, can now feel free to work for a nonprofit or receive a public-sector job. As Nancy Pelosi stated, this new liberal population will no longer be “locked” into an evil private sector job, so they will be free to create whatever they wish – become painters and sculptors.

The new enlightened society can finally free itself from the fossil fuel economy. Solar panels and windmills for everyone!

Gone will be the shackles of evil capitalism, where there are haves and have-nots.

There will no longer be the wicked 1%. Actually there will be a 1% – the oligarchs that will rule over and regulate your every move. But you can feel good about this one percent, because they will be doing what’s best for you. After all, someone must administer this newly formed utopian nation.

There will be no borders, walls, or fences to keep out the less fortunate. The new Liberal States of America will attract all the less fortunate who will see the nation as heaven on earth at other people’s expense. In time, everybody will be equal – equally poor.

Your government can now be free to spend as much as it wants. Gone will be any debt ceiling or budgets or sequesters.

Now we know this will never happen, but it would be highly educational. I would personally give this new nation no more than five years before it completely imploded.

There would be no incentive to work or be the least bit industrious. What money was made in their “private sector” would quickly be confiscated. Their private sector would soon evaporate leaving them no choice but to borrow and print money. Gee, that sounds familiar.

With no other country willing to be a lender and the printing presses running out of ink, how long would it be before the hordes of liberals would have no choice but to storm the gates of their conservative neighbors?

Or they could just sell off all their land and learn to speak Chinese or Russian.

It would be fun to watch – until it all unraveled.


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