New Micro Drones Could Swarm Target Cities

Just because Uncle Sam doesn’t already spy on everybody enough, the military is actively working on the next wave of robotic drones for use specifically in urban settings.

We’ve all seen “Terminator” and “I, Robot” along with hundreds of other science fiction films where the robots of the future are bigger and badder than your average tank. But the real future of robotics may be very different.

An Air Force video offers a glimpse of the future, with drones that look like birds and can recharge by perching on standard outdoor power lines. According to the narration, such drones can be used for long-term surveillance, moving when necessary to get a better view or switch targets.

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But these “Micro Aerial Vehicles,” or MAVs, don’t stop there.

Also planned are flying robots that are shaped like bugs, with flapping wings and the ability to crawl up walls. The bugbots are planned to have some sort of networking capability so that they can work in a swarm or zero in on targets singly, even inside buildings.

The Air Force video even provides a demonstration of how one of these drones could be used in an assassination, taking out an animated sniper.

It’s a whiz-bang technological vision. It’s also scary as all hell that this government is pursuing even more intrusive and deadly robotics technology.

If the U.S. develops it, it’s going to be used. Then, the history of military technology suggests, it will be misused. Just as the FAA has approved thousands of flights of Predator and other drones over U.S. airspace, there’s no doubt that smaller, more mobile drones will be thrown into the mix, particularly in ultra-statist, high fascist-count cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Coming off the Bundy Ranch Showdown, there can no longer be any doubt that the Obama Administration is comfortable with ignoring the rights of American citizens.

Some of this technology is already out there, whether officials want to admit it or not. I know of several incidents where bug-size mechanical drones were spotted in action out in the community by people living in Silicon Valley. The drones were tiny, unobtrusive and normally would have gone completely unnoticed.

Just think of thousands of these devices being dropped on your city like an all-seeing cloud, and behind all those eyes is an uninvisible, cold-hearted government watching you. It’s a chilling vision of the future.

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