New Principal Bans Santa, Pledge of Allegiance, and Thanksgiving

Eujin Jaela Kim is the new principal of PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. The 33 year old Asian principal has announced that she is doing a politically correct cleansing of her school.

In doing so, she has banned any reference to Santa Clause and Christmas. Additionally, she has banned Thanksgiving and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The New York Post tried to contact Kim for an interview but she did not return their calls.

Mimi Ferrer, president of the PTA told the media that school administrators told her:

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“We definitely can’t say Christmas, nothing with Christmas on it, nothing with Santa. No angels. We can’t even have a star because it can represent a religious system, like the Star of David.”

Jose Chaparro, assistant principal at the school issued a memo suggesting that have a harvest festival instead of Thanksgiving and a winter celebration instead of Christmas. He also asked all of the school staff to be ‘sensitive of the diversity of our families. Not all children celebrate the same holidays.’

It’s suspected that Kim’s actions to ban Santa, Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Pledge of Allegiance is due to the fact that 95% of the 1,600 kids that attend her school are either Hispanic or Asian. Heaven forbid that the kids are exposed to anything Christian or American.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrating the things we are thankful for. While it was initially a Christian based holiday giving thanks to God for His many blessings, I know people from other religions who celebrate the holiday because they are still thankful what they have. They may not give thanks to the Christian God originally intended, but they do give thanks to their god or gods, but that’s not even allowed in Kim’s school.

I’m curious if Kim will have a Cinco de Mayo celebration for all of the Hispanic students. I suspect they’ll celebrate holidays from the Latin and Asian countries, but heaven forbid they celebrate anything American. Like it or not these people are here in America and they need to learn to fit in and become American.

As for the Pledge of Allegiance, that’s giving your pledge to our nation. I suspect Kim banned it because of the phrase ‘one nation under God.’ My response is simple: if you can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance and give your support to our country then go find another country that better suits your ways and ideals. You won’t hurt our feelings by leaving and taking your anti-American liberalism with you.

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