New Scout Motto: Be Prepared … for ‘Gay’ Lawsuits

I remember camping out when I was a Boy Scout, sometime back in the Cretaceous Period, and all us young lads were just goofing around, trying to make impromptu hammocks out of the ropes we had all brought along in our backpacks.

For whatever reason, we more or less divided ourselves into two groups to make a competition of it, and it just worked out that one group had most of the guys with their merit badges in knot tying, while the other group seemed to specialize in making it up as they went along.

When the moment of truth came, the hammock created by the one group who followed form and used traditional knots successfully held about a half dozen boys. The one tied by the freewheelers, despite including some impressive Gordian-style knots, unraveled like a cheap sweater.

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I recalled this incident when the Boy Scouts of America announced its new policy on homosexuals, in which it’s going to allow self-professed “gay” Scouts to be members, but not allow homosexual adults to be Scout leaders, meaning homosexual Scouts would be kicked out when they turn 18.

I’m sure the Boy Scouts board of directors and the delegates to the national meeting, which has been stacked with homosexual activists, thought they were being clever by creating a compromise. Or maybe it didn’t, and it really intends what will be the obvious result of this cluster screw up.

The moment some Eagle Scout, urged by his parents, teachers or whoever to be proud and loud about his homosexuality turns 18, the first lawsuit will arrive via uniformed courier at the BSA’s front office.

The Supreme Court back at the turn of the century ruled the Boy Scouts had the right to keep their policy of not allowing “gays” into their ranks. And it was a good policy.

Naturally, the homosexual activist groups have hounded them mercilessly ever since, with the intention of forcing the Boy Scouts into their version of the Muslim compromise: Convert or die.

The homosexual activists really don’t care which choice. Either would make them happy. The Scouts could throw the doors wide open and let the homosexuals corrupt the entire organization while they “tiptoe through the tulips” of young, vulnerable boys. Or the Scouts could just shut it all down and disappear, which would have the same effect of letting homosexuals have their way with impressionable youths.

But the BSA tried to “compromise.”

That’s sort of like telling the rattlesnake that it can bite you, but it can only inject half its usual dose of venom. You can imagine how that will turn out.

The BSA didn’t fold completely, but it’s hardly laudable. They’ve let the wolf in the door. The next step is parents taking their children out of the organization, followed by lawsuits by adult homosexual activists who want to go camping with your boys, followed in turn by lawsuits from parents whose boys went camping with those homosexual leaders, eventually followed by the Scouts closing up shop for good.

Among the many phrases Scouts are supposed to live by are words like “morally straight,” “trustworthy,” “loyal,” “brave,” “clean” and “reverent.” It’s a shame that today’s Scout leaders didn’t live up to those moral guides.

Just like with that old hammock, if they had stuck to what they knew was correct, everything would have worked. Instead, they improvised, so it should surprise nobody when the whole thing falls apart.

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