New ‘Twilight Zone’ Series is All Anti-Gun, Anti-Trump, All The Time

The first episode of the long-awaited Jordon Peele version of the classic TV shock show The Twilight Zone is out and it is all anti-gun and anti-Trump throughout.

The first episode of the CBS All-Access series was posted free to Youtube (you will have to pay for CBS’ streaming service to get the rest) but if the first episode, “The Comedian,” is the show’s best foot forward, this series is going to be a long, hard slog.

“The Comedian” features a stand-up comedian named Samir (actor Kumail Nanjiani) in a lowly New York-like comedy club as he stutters through a comedy routine that absolutely no one at all finds funny. He suffers through one bad show after another until a famed comedian (Tracy Morgan) suddenly shows up at the end of a bar counter to give Samir some magical advice.

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The mysterious comedian who was once at the top of the comedy charts until he suddenly disappeared tells Samir to make his routine more “personal.”

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Samir follows the advice and begins hitting the stage by mentioning people in his life that have somehow wronged him in the past. But things begin to go terribly wrong in a perfectly natural Twilight Zone sort of way. The spiraling troubles and the twist ending is good Twilight Zone, for sure. But the execution just doesn’t live up to Rod Serling’s classic series.

First of all, the episode seems to take forever to get to its conclusion. Rod Serling and his co-authors wrote much tighter scripts back in the early 60s. Peele’s “The Comedian” could have used some editing.

Worse, one plot point having to do with the effect of Samir’s dark success on his girlfriend was given too short shrift. This part should have gotten more focus to give it greater impact.

So, in all, it is a mediocre attempt at a Serlingesque bit of TV that was only just up to snuff. Serling could have taken that script and made it far better, for sure.

However, the one thing about this series that may keep every last conservative at bay is the obvious extremist liberal tropes needlessly ladled on top of the story.

While the episode is not really “about” politics, viewers are still beaten over the head with leftism at every turn.

From gender politics, to anti-gun talking points, even to one anti-Trump joke, “The Comedian” is filed with beat-over-the-head leftism.

You can’t say the real Twilight Zone was apolitical, but Serling and his writers were far, far more subtle with their message. Jordan Peele and his episode writer, Alex Rubens, showed no subtly at all. I think Alex Rubens used a sledgehammer dipped in ink to write his episode.

For instance, the “bad joke” part of Samir’s routine was focused on the odd fact that people who oppose gun control support an amendment that “literally starts with the words ‘well regulated.'”

We don’t get this “funny” line once. We get it about 10 times in a row in different scenes. At some point you just want to scream, “OK, we get it. You hate guns.”

Of course, the “joke” doesn’t really even work because the founders’ use of the words “well regulated” did not mean they thought they were “regulating” guns. The founders meant “well-regulated militia” to mean a militia that is properly regimented. In other words, the word “regulated” meant that the militia would be properly run and have good military bearing, to that it was governed by government regulations.

In fact, the founders didn’t even use the word “regulated” back then to mean government regulations. The idea of government regulations didn’t even exist during the founding generation. They didn’t view laws and statutes as “regulations.” That concept of the word didn’t come into being until the late 1800s when government began involving itself in the business community at the dawn of socialist-styled unionism.

So, in point of fact, the “joke” doesn’t even work as a matter of truth.

But the constant anti-gun meme was not the only left-wing talking point in the show. We also had feminist clap trap and one anti-Trump joke.

So, leftism was everywhere in this episode. If every episode is going to be so blatantly obvious with its leftism, it will lose its entire audience of center right viewers in short order.

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