New York Counties Distancing Themselves from Gov. Cuomo’s Anti-Gun Agenda

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is just as anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment as President Barack Obama and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Last year, he signed the SAFE Act into law that banned assault and assault-style weapons along with high capacity magazines and other measures.

Cuomo believes his SAFE Act has been extremely successful considering there have been almost 1,300 felony firearm charges made since the SAFE Act went into effect.  Some of those charged were nothing more than law abiding citizens who fell victim to the socialist regime of New York’s governor.

Last year, New York State’s Rifle and Pistol Association, the New York State Sheriff’s Association and 5 county sheriffs filed a federal lawsuit against the SAFE Act, claiming that it violated the Second Amendment.  In filing their lawsuit, the groups made a statement saying:

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“The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Second Amendment protects arms typically possessed by law-abiding citizens, and identified that the right of self-defense is ‘core’ protected conduct that is at its zenith in the home. At a minimum, laws that criminalize the most common rifle in America today – a rifle that is often selected precisely for its self-defense capabilities – impinge upon that core right. The same is true of laws banning standard-capacity magazines.”

The SAFE Act also has its other opponents and some of them are taking steps to distance themselves from the state’s Gestapo tactics.  At least 15 counties have passed their own legislation and ordinances to forbid the state from using their county’s name, seal, logo or anything that associates the county with the SAFE Act.  They do not want to be connected to any letters or gun permit renewals that are part of the SAFE Act.

The resolution passed by county officials in Allegany County reads:

“The Allegany County Board of Legislators denies the State of New York permission to use the name, letterhead, address or seal of the County of Allegany, Allegany County Sheriff or Allegany County Clerk for purposes of correspondence with legal and registered gun owners regarding permit recertification or for any other purpose associated with the SAFE Act.”

Considering that New York has 62 counties, nearly a quarter of them are telling Gov. Cuomo that they not only disapprove of his SAFE Act, but that they want no part of his method of government.  Hopefully more counties will join them in their stand against Cuomo and the state’s anti-Second Amendment law.

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