New York Mayor Now Mandating Breastfeeding

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is looking more and more like an extreme dictator who believes he knows what’s best for everyone in his city.  Earlier this year, Bloomberg launched an effort to ban all sugary drinks and large sizes of sodas.  He has felt it necessary to dictate what people can eat or drink.

Bloomberg is personally anti-gun.  Therefore, he believes that no one other than police should be allowed to own a gun of any kind, in the city of New York.  He feels so strongly about guns that he recently said he doesn’t understand why every law enforcement officer in the country don’t go on strike until all guns are outlawed.

Now Czar Bloomberg is using his power as mayor to direct hospital nurses to lock up the baby formula in an effort to force new mothers to breastfeed their babies.  So far, 27 of the 40 hospitals in New York City say that they will comply with the mayor edict.  However, I do need to point out that if a new mother refuses to breastfeed, she will be allowed to use formula, but only after the nursing staff does their best to persuade her to do otherwise.

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I am fully aware that breastfeeding is far better for the baby than using formula.  The baby gets vital immunities and nutrients that just aren’t available in formula.  Possibly, more importantly, it also creates a bond between mother and child that provides the child with a sense of security that it doesn’t get from having a bottle shoved in it’s face.

Many in the medical community are hailing Bloomberg’s effort as being a positive influence on the health of the child.  However, should a person in his position have the power to dictate to a parent as to how they are going to feed and care for their own child?  In The Daily Caller article, it referred to Bloomberg’s latest health edict as the ‘mammary mandate’ or the ‘lactate dictate’.

The way Bloomberg is going about trying to force health on every one is turning off health advocates.  Rosemarie Scott, a breastfeeding advocate and former member of la Leche League responded to Bloomberg’s mammary mandate saying:

“I’m another former member of La Leche League who nursed all my kids.  I’m all for encouraging women to breastfeed but agree that this is NOT the way to do it. Leave it to Bloomberg to be so heavy-handed as to turn off even a breastfeeding advocate like myself.”

As in the fashion of other prominent liberal politicians, Bloomberg believes that he and he alone knows what’s best for everyone in his city.  He wants to legislate as many aspects of our lives as possible.  He doesn’t care about the U.S. Constitution or personal rights.  Bloomberg doesn’t believe that anyone can make their own decisions any better than he can.

If you ask me, all Bloomberg is accomplishing by this latest health mandate is to make a boob of himself.

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