New York State Negates Parental Authority In Effort Hide Teen Abortions

What would you do if you took your 15 year old son to the emergency room, used your health insurance to cover the treatment, and then later told that you had no authority to any of your child’s medical records or to the insurance records?

That’s what is happening in the state of New York as Russell and Sherry Hepler found out.  Hepler is a pastor and the founder of Transformation 1202 Ministries.  His 15 year old son dislocated his finger during PE.  The closest emergency room was just across the border in New York state, so that is where he was taken to have his finger put back in place.

The Hepler’s used Sherry’s employer provided health insurance to cover the costs of the medical treatment.  Several weeks later, they received a bill from the hospital that was addressed to their son and not to Sherry.  She also noticed that some of the personal information was incorrect, so she called both the hospital and her health insurance provider to correct the personal information and ask questions about the bill.  She was told that they could not discuss the bill or the medical records with her because of state law.

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That’s when they found out that New York State has a law that states that the medical records of anyone over the age of 12 are confidential to the patient only.  It doesn’t seem to matter that fifteen year olds are still considered minors and not allowed to sign any legal documents without parental consent, nor are they allowed to take aspirin to school.  They’re not allowed to vote, get a driver’s license, work in many jobs or serve in the military.

Rev. Hepler believes the New York law was passed because of the states ‘slavish devotion to abortion.’  He writes:

“As I’ve thought about this incident, it has begun to dawn on me what is going on here. Why would New York State want to treat 12 year olds as adults when it comes to medical records privacy? I believe the answer lies in New York’s slavish devotion to abortion. We have all heard the statistics that more babies were aborted than were born alive in New York City last year. What has happened is that at some point, the New York State legislature approved this law at the urging of the pro-abortion industry and the teachers’ unions. What the pro-aborts wanted was the ability to take minor girls to abortion clinics without either parental consent or notification.”

“Picture this: New York resident, 14 year old Mary comes to the school nurse’s office in tears. She fears she’s pregnant. The school nurse, Ms. Smith, takes Mary out of school to the local Planned Parenthood office for a pregnancy test. A PP ‘counselor’ advises Mary that she is indeed pregnant. Mary is terrified. She doesn’t want to ‘face the music’ at home with her parents. The ‘counselor’ tells Mary that she needn’t worry. The compassionate folks at the Planned Parenthood office will ‘fix’ her problem without her parents ever knowing. And, a government program will pay for it all. A second appointment is made for Mary, again during school hours. Nurse Smith brings Mary a second time to Planned Parenthood office. The baby is aborted. Mary returns to school. If she has any pain, the nurse tells her to just tell her parents that she has heavy menstrual cramps to avoid any suspicion. After a few days, the whole incident is to be forgotten.”

“This is the secular socialist utopia that is supposed to exist in New York. Unwanted babies are destroyed. The abortionists get rich. The schools become surrogate parents. And, ignorant parents are completely by-passed…”

“Sadly, it is families that are suffering from this obscene law. It is thousands of unborn children who are the murder victims here. And, it is the young girls who will forever be scarred by this ‘enlightened’ society.”

What Hepler says makes sense.  What other reason is there to pass such a law to keep parents from accessing the medical records of their teenage children?  In you live in New York, you need to be aware of this state law.  Then the next 2 questions you have to ask yourself is what will be the next parental right they steal away from the people of New York and how long will it take the Obama and the federal government to follow New York’s example?

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