New York Times: Homosexual Marriage Reason Your Religion Must Go

Liberals are in a hissy storm this week over Indiana passing its new religious freedom law, which would permit business owners and other individuals to refuse to participate in what they consider sinful behavior.

Naturally the cries have gone up from the Left about segregated lunch counters and water fountains, etc.

The New York Times, always ready to side with the forces of retrograde civilization, printed a long-winded screed titled “Eroding Freedom in the Name of Freedom,” which basically boiled the Indiana conflict down to this: Refusing to bake Adam and Steve a “wedding” cake is horrible discrimination, but using the power of government to force a human being to engage in publicly humiliating acts that offend his very moral fiber and threaten his eternal soul, well, those are just the eggs you gotta break because secular materialistic liberalism is better.

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The screaming hordes of liberal Huns are demanding that the Indiana law be rewritten to “prevent discrimination,” meaning to protect homosexuals and give them favored legal status.

With the Indiana protests and hullaballoo, the Left is showing up the homosexual rights movement for what it truly has always been: a thin cover for the effort to dismantle the influence of Christianity in this country.

The comparison of homosexual rights to the struggle for the rights of African-Americans is particularly insulting to Americans’ intelligence. Blacks have historically struggled against a prejudice born of nothing more than their skin color.

Homosexuals make a moral choice to oppose and undermine societal norms, then expect everyone around them to simply go along. With the legal authority of government in hand, the homosexual rights lobby has already begun to turn its attention to legally dissecting America’s religious beliefs.

That’s why the Indiana law has garnered so much liberal attention. They who claim to be all about protecting individual rights are really just angered that the state would dare erect a barrier to their goal of a morality-free, secular society. And they’re using their whole bag of tricks — protests, editorials, boycotts, travel bans, etc. — to try to tear it down.

Christians aren’t the only people who oppose the homosexual movement, they’re just the biggest target. With the media projecting an image (a false one, I believe) of majority approval for homosexual marriage, many people are simply afraid to speak out against a movement backed by the likes of the New York Times.

The liberals want to gut religious freedom, plain and simple, and replace it with government-approved thought. If they win in Indiana, you can bet they’ll be going against the other 25 or so states that have similar laws, then they’ll take down the federal law signed under President Clinton.

The next step will be to go after the nonprofit status of religious institutions, their affiliated businesses and programs, and to force homosexual re-education on church schools.

It won’t end until Christianity is all but removed from American culture, we’re all living in the Red Light District of Amsterdam West, and the Congress is writing state-approved church doctrines.

I for one will pass on this brave new world, as will legions of other Americans. We will decline to participate in the homosexual “rights” movement because we are free and already have the right to act accordingly.

That’s what the NYT and the rest of the scrofulous, scurrilous Left don’t comprehend. They long ago abandoned God, so they don’t understand where our rights come from. They have the impression that government is the inventor and arbiter of rights, but it is not.

Government is meant to be the defender of our rights, which come from God and nowhere else. Indiana’s new law performs that role.

It is, as usual, the Left that is out of line.

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