New York Times Rejecting Obama at Last?

So it’s official now. Those of us who had warned of the rise of the militaristic police state in America can no longer be deemed wingnuts or even conspiracy theorists because the New York Times has effectively endorsed what we’ve been saying for years.

That probably doesn’t matter much to conservatives, but it’s important because the New York Times is one of the Left’s touchstones, an unfailing bulwark of liberalism and support for all things Obama. Now that the Gray Lady has conceded, the Left is effectively adrift without daily talking points.

Even the Huffing-and-Puffington Post is thin drink by comparison.

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NYT Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist James Risen, appearing on “Meet the Press,” called America “a surveillance state … basically using data mining and eavesdropping, very sophisticated technology to create an infrastructure that a police state would love. And that’s what really should concern Americans, because we haven’t had a full national debate about the creation of a massive surveillance state and surveillance infrastructure that if we had some radical change in our politics could lead to a police state.”

Perhaps he’s still clinging to hope that “Good King” Obama would never misuse such power, something that the Administration has put forth, but that has already been proven a false hope at best with the targeting of conservatives by the IRS. On June 6, the NYT editorial board admitted as much when it wrote, “The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue.”

There can be little doubt that the growth in the Gestapo mentality is systemic, not, as the IRS tried to portray, the product of “rogue agents.” The very premise of the NSA’s data-collecting system is to violate the rights of Americans to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, or to be accused without probable cause.

The Administration claims it has internal procedures for ensuring information is not used unconstitutionally, and supporters of the program say the secret FISA court must approve everything. But Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee that is supposed to guard against abuses of power, admitted she doesn’t know what information the NSA does or does not collect on Americans. And the White House clearly had no intention of this program being public knowledge until it came out in the press.

The FISA court has been labeled by one former NSA analyst “a kangaroo court with a rubber stamp.” Few, if any, of the requests that come before it are actually modified in any way.

The disgust with the Orwellian tactics of this government has crossed party lines, with both Republicans and Democrats supporting the NSA, and both Republicans and Democrats damning the violation of Americans’ rights. The NSA program should horrify all Americans.

It makes no difference whether Congress has approved the program or whether thousands of Internet companies have cooperated voluntarily. And it makes no difference whether it’s one agency or another. (NSA good, IRS bad, as one conservative columnist put it.) They all are part of the same Administration that has worked since it came into office to turn conservatives into the American equivalent of Hitler’s Jews — the scapegoats for all ills.

That anti-conservative prejudice has filtered into the larger society, especially into schools where children are being suspended for offenses as miniscule as chewing a Pop-Tart into a shape that a teacher thought resembled a gun. Or more recently, there is the case of eight-grader Jared Marcum, who is facing criminal charges because he refused to take off his NRA T-shirt when a teacher insisted.

It’s a prejudice that has been amply promoted by the New York Times and the rest of the leftist media. Their overt support of the Administration no matter how blatantly illegal or fraudulent its behavior is a major part of the reason Obama gets away with so much.

If the New York Times is now finally developing a distaste for the fruits of its labors, that can only be a good thing for America.



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