“Newtown United” Is “Rebranding” To Keep Pushing Gun Control

One of the odd aspects of the Sandy Hook massacre is that, not only was the crime scene controlled and restricted, but so were the parents of the victims. The day after the shooting, State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance released a statement that included the following:

“The family of each victim was assigned a Trooper or Officer to establish and maintain an open line of communication. This was put into place so families of the victims can have immediate contact related to any questions they may have and to also provide State Police investigators the ability to communicate with families without delay. The families have requested no press interviews and we are asking that this request be honored…  Crisis counseling teams are on-site to provide support to the families of all of the victims.”

Yet within two days a “grassroots” organization appeared, calling itself Newtown United and posturing as the representatives of the Sandy Hook victims’ parents. CNN claimed, “They admit they don`t know what they are doing,” but they did it very well. According to their Facebook page, they were providing a venue/being supported by both Connecticut Senators within three days of their founding and five days after the shooting. Indeed, they were working with and getting support from the Brady Campaign on December 16.

So before the blood had time to dry, someone was working hard to make sure those “grass roots” were visible. I don’t remember anything comparable happening the day after any other shooting tragedy. By the Nineteenth, they had already appointed a committee in the organization. And you probably already know what it was for:

“Newtown United’s committee for sensible gun legislation is meeting from 6-8 pm tonight at the CH Booth Library. Everyone interested in this topic is welcome. We will hear from local residents who traveled to Washington yesterday. Other committees are forming and will meet at later dates.”

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I’m not going to waste time documenting further that “Sandy Hook Promise,” formerly “Newtown United,” is lying when it disavows partisanship or an agenda. It is simply an anti-second-amendment lobbying group that organizes some help or support for the victims as a way a garnering attention. It doesn’t surprise me that anti-gun zealots would be willing to move on a tragedy to make the whole nation into a gun free zone shooting gallery.

What I do want to point out is that the media/government complex is treating Sandy Hook as the liaison and representative of the victims’ families. It looks like even Biden went through “Sandy Hook Promise” to approach the families. For some, who are involved in the group, this is true. But the victims are not a monolithic group.

“It’s not clear how many families of the 26 Sandy Hook victims are participating in the group’s activities or what their viewpoints are. A number of families have signaled their desire to be left alone for now as they mourn their lost ones and rebuild their lives.”

I’m curious how this “signal” was given. Is this a reference to the State Police Press Release requesting privacy? Or what?

I’m also curious how much politicians at the Federal and State levels were involved in encouraging this Anti-Second-Amendment lobby to form. After all, Governor Malloy told the press that he had been “spoken to” about a mass shooting happening in Connecticut:

“Earlier today a tragedy of unspeakable terms played itself out in this community. Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state.”

Was getting ready to immediately set up a local lobby for new legislation part of the preparations that were discussed with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor? Since Malloy has not revealed yet who spoke to them about a mass shooting in his state, or when, or what they wanted them to do to prepare for it, I have no way of knowing. But I can’t help wondering about it.

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