Next US Ambassador to the United Nations: “If The American People Prefer My Body To My Mind, Who Am I To Argue?”

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced his choice to take over as the US Ambassador to the United NationsSamantha Power.

So who is Samantha Power and what are her qualifications to represent the US at the United Nations?

Born in Dublin, Ireland, she was went to college at Yale and Harvard.  She served as a war correspondent in Yugoslavia before serving as the Founding Executive Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  She also served as a professor of global leadership and public policy.

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In 2005-6, she worked for Sen Barack Obama as a foreign policy advisor.  She continued to serve as a foreign policy advisor for Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign, but was more or less forced to resign after referring to Hillary Clinton as a monster.

Her resignation from the campaign caused her to take a different look at her priorities.  She had already authored two books; A Problem from Hell and Chasing the Flame, but said her next endeavor would be more entertaining and less of a challenge.  In an interview, Power said:

“I’m 37.  I still go to the gym. I still have a body. And if the American people prefer my body to my mind, then who am I to argue? I’d rather just move forward and put the Obama incident behind me.”

Just 9 days after Obama was sworn into office in January 2009, he appointed Power to be his Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs.  From her writings, lectures and public statements, it is obvious that Power is very much in favor of globalism and human rights (for others, not for Americans or for Christians).  She has crusaded for years to stop all forms of genocide around the world in her human rights campaign known as Never Again.

Power wrote an article that appeared on PBS Frontline titled Never Again: The World’s Most Unfulfilled Promise.   In that piece, she makes the following statement:

“Far from representing the ultimate ‘stain’ on a nation, galvanizing swift and stern retribution, the genocide label has been applied to everything from desegregation in the United States to birth control and abortions in the developing world. And no impartial body exists to restore the word’s intended meaning and use.”

In other words, she does not consider birth control and abortions to be forms of genocide.  She writes about the human rights of all people, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality and so on, yet doesn’t consider the fact that the unborn have rights and that abortion is a form of genocide – murdering the innocent for a political agenda.

Is this the type of person we want representing our country in the UN?  Someone who will push for globalization over American patriotism or someone who gets slapped on the wrist so pouts and says if people admire her body more than her mind, then that’s what she’ll give them?  Do we want someone with hypocritical agendas that fights for human rights and against genocide, yet who does not consider abortion to be a form of genocide?

First of all, I want the US to withdraw from the UN and kick them all out of OUR country, but short of that happening, I certainly don’t want Samantha Power representing us in the world assembly.  I’m going to contact my Senator and Representative and urge them to block this appointment now!

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