NJ Sen. Cory Booker, the Left’s ‘Next Obama,’ Once Praised Groping Women

New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker is screaming from the high heavens that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice because of (fake) accusations that the judge committed sexual assault by “groping” a woman when he was a teenager. But now an old article written by Booker in 1992 shows that Booker himself ADMITTED to groping a woman when he was 15.

We all know the lies being told about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A woman who no one ever heard of — including Kavanaugh — has miraculously come forward with salacious accusations that the judge committed “attempted rape” against her when they were both teens in high school back some 35 years ago.

This woman — who it turns out is a big Democrat Party activist — has never come forward with this accusation in 35 years. But, presto, just as he is set to join the SCOTUS, suddenly she “remembers” that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her “sometime” in 1982… or so.

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Kavanaugh, a teenager at the time, supposedly groped her while both were clothed and she “feared” for her life.

But this accuser, Christine Blasy Ford, is woefully short on credible details. She does not remember where it happened. She does not remember exactly when it happened. She cannot clearly remember who was all in the room when it happened. She never reported that it happened then. No witnesses have come forward to substantiate that it happened. And it seems she herself never remembered it until recently. And that isn’t even to mention the way the story has changed several times.

It hardly seems to be the recollections of a woman whose life was forever altered from a single incident.

This is the kind of “testimony” that is called not credible in real life. Naturally, liberals are lapping it up and claiming that these accusations MUST be believed.

So, today we find out that one of the Democrat’s loudest Senators, New Jersey’s Cory Booker, actually thought groping a woman when he was 15 was a cute story to tell. He was so proud of it that he wrote a whole article about his groping in 1992!

As Fox News reports, Booker wrote the article when he was a 23-year-old college student, so he was of age. He wrote the piece for the Stanford Daily newspaper.

Fox reported the content of the article:

“New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss. As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating my next ‘move’ as if it were a chess game,” Booker wrote in the student-run Stanford Daily newspaper in 1992.

“With the ‘Top Gun’ slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,’” he continued, without explaining what he meant by “mark.”

“Our groping ended soon and while no ‘relationship’ ensued, a friendship did. You see, the next week in school she told me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing,” he added.

Booker’s intent of the column was to detail his transformation from a 15-year-old who was “trotting around the bases and stealing second” to someone who was called a “man-hater” over his pro-women views.

“In retrospect, my soliloquy titled ‘The Oppressive Nature of Male Dominated Society and Its Violent Manifestations Rape, Anorexia, Battered Wives’ may have been a surreptitious attempt to convince her that I was a sensitive man, but more likely I was trying to convince myself that my attitudes had changed,” he wrote.

So, in 1992, Cory Booker thought it was just darned ol’ high-larious that he had tried to cop a feel of a girl when he was 15. It was all just a laugh riot, dontcha know?

Yet, today Booker is piously slamming Judge Kavanaugh for what is essentially the exact same thing supposedly done when he was just a couple of years older (and still a teen) than Booker was when HE tried to molest a girl.

So, one might think that Booker could understand where a young teenaged boy might be coming from and not so automatically condemn Kavanaugh — and that would be even assuming the incident with Kavanaugh and his accuser happened at all, which it is pretty clear it didn’t.

But, no, Booker is at the forefront of attacking Kavanaugh and calling the judge an evil rapist.

Once again we see that liberals are liars and hypocrites. Everything is always OK if they do it.

I guess that is why the call Cory booker Spartacus. (OK, why he calls himself Spartacus)

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