No Academy Award for Obama’s Fake Tears

In Tuesday’s announcement when Barack Obama announced his latest illegal and unconstitutional actions to impose more gun control laws, he teared up when speaking about the kids that were killed Sandy Hook Elementary School. A number of mainstream media outlets reported about him tearing up and showed him wiping away a tear from his eye.

I personally question if the tears were real. Many actors and actresses can tear up on cue and over the past seven years we’ve seen Obama’s acting skills.

In public, Obama acts like he really cares about the American people, but when in private, he acts like we are all third rate low life scum who should be bowing to his self-declared royalty. He says he relates to the average working class American, yet he lives a life of luxury. He promised to not take any vacations and waste taxpayer dollars and yet he has been taking a number of vacations every year, costing us taxpayers millions of dollars.

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In public, Obama acts like he really cares about the US military personnel, but his actions say he detests them. He has worked to completely undermine the US military allowing openly gay men and lesbian women to serve in the military. He has repeatedly attacked Christian military personnel. He took action to remove any military top brass that were loyal patriots and refusing to shoot American citizens if commanded to do so. He quickly condemned American military personnel for burning Qurans in Iraq before knowing that the Qurans had been damaged and defaced by Muslim prisoners and that they burned damaged and defaced Bibles at the same time. He only condemned the burning of the Qurans, not the burning of the Bibles. Military personnel that have worked around Obama and his family say that they are treated like lowly servants causing many of them to strongly dislike and mistrust both Barack and Michelle Obama.

In public, Obama says he is very concerned with our national security, but his actions say he doesn’t give a darn about national security. He has stood up and told the American people that our borders are secure and he does so with a straight face, yet thousands of aliens continue to illegally cross our southern border. He’s been invited by border state governors to come visit and see the problem for himself but he refuses and says there is no problem. There is growing evidence that some of those illegally crossing the border are Muslims and that ISIS has been working with the Mexican drug cartels to help them gain access to our country. Obama also has restricted the DHS vetting of immigrants and refugees. One DHS whistleblower has stated that the Obama restrictions are what allowed one of the San Bernardino terrorists to enter the country. If they were using the full unrestricted vetting process, Malik would never have been granted access to America.

Obama has been acting for the past seven years and I believe his tears during his announcement is just one of his many acting skills. However, Academy Awards are given to actors and actresses who can make you believe their tears are real among their other acting skills and Obama’s tears didn’t seem real at all and failed to sell me on his gun control agenda. In fact, Obama’s acting skills are mediocre at best.

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