No-Go Joe: Biden Won’t Run Against Hillary

The longest few months of phony drama of the presidential campaign so far are finally over after Vice President Joe Biden he’s not running for the presidency.

Biden announced his “tortured” decision, as AP put it, on Wednesday in the Rose Garden. Biden mentioned the death in May of his son Beau, which is a perfectly good excuse not to take on a presidential run. It’s just odd that it comes up now but didn’t rate more than a mention in all the media drooling over the possibility that Biden could save the Democrats from Hillary and Bernie.

Nevertheless, Biden’s announcement is a not-unexpected turn that clears the way for Hillary to solidify her front-runner position before she is clapped in irons over her email shenanigans and exposing American secrets to foreign agents from China, Russia, Cuba, ISIS and who knows who.

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That in turn will clear the way for the Democratic Party to oh so reluctantly gather around Bernie Sanders, the first Democrat since possibly Woodrow Wilson, certainly since FDR, to admit openly to being a socialist. (According to Harold Ickes, FDR’s interior secretary, Roosevelt privately acknowledged “what we were doing in this country were some of the things that were being done in Russia and even some of the things that were being done under Hitler in Germany. But we were doing them in an orderly way.”)

This could be an evolutionary moment for the Democratic Party when the mask (but not the hood) finally comes off and American Democrats stand up before the world to renounce the Founding Fathers once and for all, embracing Marx instead.

At that point, there will be plenty of useful idiots who will continue to back the Democrats, figuring that socialism got them a free phone, food stamps and cash aid, so it can’t be all bad.

But there will be some at that point who will remember what their fathers fought against in war and often died to prevent from coming to this country. They may suddenly realize how they’ve been used by the Democratic Party and how much of what they believe about politics is just so much left-wing brainwashing.

The only question at that point is how big the exodus from the Democratic Party will be and whether it will be enough to sink the Democrats at last.

By Biden refusing to run, the Republicans may have just been handed the keys to the Oval Office.

But — and this is a considerable obstacle — before the GOP can collect, Clinton must be made to pay for her crimes, whether it’s for Benghazi or the exposure of national secrets. This has a better than 50/50 chance of happening because Valerie Jarrett is the one who has been pushing the whole email story and for prosecution of Clinton. Even so, the outcome of the FBI’s investigation is not guaranteed.

If Clinton walks and continues to the primary, she will win the Democrats’ nomination, then the final winner will be anyone’s guess.

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