No Good Guys In Syria, Especially Not Obama and Clinton

State Department types must really feel nostalgic about the days when they could promise Americans that our government was helping “freedom fighters” out on the other side of the planet and none of those saintly soldiers could get access to and post footage of slaughtering unarmed prisoners. I can only guess how the public would have reacted if Carter’s Mujahedeen in Afghanistan had been able to post self-made video footage directly into American households, but I think it might have damaged him even more than he already was.

Reuters reports about exactly that scenario:

“The video, posted on YouTube on Thursday, shows 10 men wearing t-shirts and camouflage trousers lying face down next to a building and a lookout tower. Even before the shooting, two of the men are not moving and one has blood coming from his torso. ‘I swear to God that we are peaceful,’ begs one of the men to the camera, which is being held by the gunman. Cowering, the man gets up to plead with rebels. As he approaches a rebel off-screen, a shot is heard and he returns holding his bloodied arm.”

“The cameraman then points the camera along the barrel of his Kalashnikov assault rifle as he shoots the men. ‘God is great. Jabhat al-Nusra,’ he says, referring to the secretive al-Nusra Front, an Islamist rebel unit linked to al Qaeda that has claimed responsibility for several suicide bomb attacks around the country. The gunman gets on the back of a pickup truck and the camera pans to show the man who had been shot in the arm still moving. More shots are fired and his body spasms.”

For the record, I hope I don’t sound unchristian to admit I could understand if a rebel force, without the resources to hold prisoners, tended to simply kill their enemies. I doubt the other side is taking prisoners either. But, boasting about it via live footage on the internet shows a disgusting enjoyment of the killing.

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The video not only shows that these people like to shed blood, but that they are, in fact, terrorists. This is yet more evidence that the people fighting Assad are at least as bad as he is. The State Department can pretend the “Syrian opposition council” is a friend, but they are either too small a minority to matter, or else faking. What kind of people are ready, willing, and able to fight against the Syrian government? Common sense would indicate that are almost certainly going to be veterans from other engagements. In other words, they most likely would be Jihadists who are just as willing to fight against Americans.

There is no way that America should be siding with terrorists against Assad. If we had to be involved at all, it would make more sense to back Assad.  There is no way that a Jihadists regime change will make the area safer or more stable. It certainly won’t lead the nation into a Western-style democracy.

So why are we openly getting involve? And why the embarrassing pretence that we are backing “friends” in the area? Everyone knows it is not true and yet government officials keep on pretending.

Get out of Syrian, now!

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