No, Robert Dear’s Still Not a Christian or a Pro-lifer

The only real Christians at the scene of the Planned Parenthood shootings last week were the police officer and the military veteran who were killed, both of whom spent their last moments trying to save strangers.

But the only “Christian” the Left cares about is the fictional one who killed three people and injured another nine. I say fictional because the character that Planned Parenthood, the media and liberals in general are saying shot up the clinic doesn’t exist.

That Robert Dear, according to the Left, is a devout evangelical Christian and politically active pro-life Republican who just proved every slander the Left has ever made about “Christian extremists” and “domestic terrorism.”

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The real Robert Dear doesn’t quite measure up to the Left’s fantasies. For one thing, he was registered as an unaffiliated voter, not a Republican. Earlier reports that he was registered as a woman were true, but the local registrar said it was just a clerical error on the part of his office, not a sign of transgenderism on Dear’s part.

That seems to be one of the few sexual kinks Dear wasn’t into, at least if testimony from his ex-wife Barbara Micheau can be believed. It’s always an iffy proposition to take divorce statements at face value because people tend to be at their worst when they file for divorce. But according to papers from Micheau’s divorce case, Dear was a serial cheater, a gambler, a wife beater and the father of at least two children by other women during their marriage.

The New York Times has a lengthy story on what’s known about Dear and pushing the evil-Christian-pro-lifer motif, although officials still haven’t said what Dear’s motive was.

Dear apparently did like to pose as a Christian, but it’s at best a thin cover for an abusive, drug-using, small-time, criminally inclined personality who liked to swim naked in front of the neighbors and intimidate people when he wasn’t avoiding them.

The story compiles a lengthy list of Dear’s transgressions. According to the NYT, Dear was a cheater, a sadomasochist, wife beater, gambler, peeping Tom, animal abuser, illegal drug user and fan of the Army of God, the band of self-proclaimed Christians who engaged in a rash of bombings and killings at Planned Parenthood clinics in the 1980s and ’90s.

Despite all of that, the Left insists Dear was really a pro-life Christian.

To get the full sense of the Left’s credibility on this issue, say it in Goofy’s voice: “Ha-yup, he was a Christian, all right. He-yuck!”

All of that sort of talk and every utterance of the oxymoronic phrase “Christian terrorist” has a goal, of course. It’s to decrease Christians’ societal influence by spreading the false rumor that Jesus Christ taught his followers to be terrorists.

It’s understandable that the Left would do that because Christians are the only real roadblock that ever keeps liberals from doing all the reprehensible things they want to get away with, like killing hundreds of thousands of children every year. That makes Christians a target for the sort of inflammatory rhetoric Planned Parenthood excels at.

Perhaps the atheists who make such charges against Christianity can be forgiven. Most of them are just ignorant about Christianity and the Bible, mindlessly parroting scraps of quotes whose context and meaning escape them.

There’s a word for what Robert Dear is, and it’s not “Christian terrorist.” It’s “hypocrite,” a word Jesus loved to sermonize about.

Hypocrite is also what self-labeled Christians who spread the lie of “Christian terrorism” are. Not only are they slandering their fellow Christians, but they are slandering Christ whom they claim to follow, impugning their own integrity in the process.

“Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me remove the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the plank that is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother’s eye.” — Luke 6:42




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