No Virgin Birth of Jesus, No Salvation and No Christmas

In today’s secular world, a growing number of theologians have been questioning the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. They have fallen into the trap of thinking secularly instead of thinking biblically and claiming that it was impossible for Mary to have conceived without having sexual intercourse with a man. Many of these liberal theologians ignore the fact that God created the earth and entire universe by speaking it into existence and if God is capable of all of Creation, then spiritually impregnating a virgin is not impossible.

When confronted with what the Bible clearly teaches, liberal theologians often just brush off the whole idea of the virgin birth saying it really doesn’t matter, just like they say a biblical creation doesn’t matter.

By saying it doesn’t matter or didn’t happen, they are totally 100% undermining the entire birth, life, death, resurrection of Jesus and the entire Bible’s teaching. If there was no biblical creation then the entire concept of sin entering the world and the need of a Savior doesn’t exist. If the virgin birth wasn’t true, then Jesus could not have been God the Son, meaning that He was a liar and fraud, making it impossible for Him to save anyone, especially Himself.

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There are three aspects of the virgin birth that clearly teaches that Mary was a virgin when she conceived and was still a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus.

1- The Reality of the Virgin Birth

The account of Jesus birth found in Matthew 1:18-25 uses the Greek word παρθενος (parthenos) for virgin in verse 23 that has the precise meaning of a woman who has never had sexual relations with anyone. These verses refer back to Isaiah 7:14 that states:

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

In Luke 1:26-38, the same Greek word parthenos is used twice to clearly indicate that Mary was a true virgin never having any sexual relations prior to the conception and birth of Jesus.

2- What is the significance of the virgin birth?

A- Christianity is supernatural

Supernatural not in the way of today’s false world’s understanding of the term, rather the supernatural way of spiritual powers of God. It means that salvation is impossible for us to earn or gain, but is purely an act of God. We cannot earn salvation. We cannot do anything to save ourselves. Sinners must look to God for their salivation.

B- Teaches us Christ is sinless

Humans are born into sin, inheriting their sinful nature from their parents. Children are born sinners. They know how to sin from the very beginning without ever being taught by anyone. No one teaches them how to throw a temper tantrum or how to be greedy and selfish. These are sinful traits they are born with. Adam’s guilt is a sign from the Garden of Eden to every descendent on earth. If Joseph was Jesus father, then Jesus would not have been sinless. Jesus escaped our sinful nature only by having a supernatural spiritual Father. Luke 1:35 – Jesus will be called holy – Son of God – which means He escapes the sinful nature of humanity. The conception of Jesus was a spiritual miracle that spared Him from the human corruption of sin. The supernatural birth of Jesus bypassed the natural human nature of sin. It was the sinlessness that qualified Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. John 3:8 – We can’t explain the origin of things in the natural realm and we can’t always explain the origins of the Spirit thus we don’t understand how the Holy Spirit worked to conceive the child in Mary’s womb.

C- Christ is the Savior

God used the virgin birth as a means to establish the two natures in the one person of Jesus Christ – fully man and fully God. He fully identified with our humanity to the point of going through the gestation period to birth, being a helpless baby, growing up and living with people. This allows Jesus to reconcile us with God because He was both man and God.

To hear more on this important foundation of Christianity, listen to Pastor Don Green here.

As you gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a chance to share with them the importance of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Had there been no virgin birth, there would be no hope of salvation and no Christmas to celebrate. It’s that important!

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