North Carolina Governor Stepping Towards Socialism

Socialists have a number of methods to take over a nation.  One of the first things they do is infiltrate the schools and start teaching socialist ideas and philosophies to kids.  At the same time, they quietly infiltrate public office where they can subtly sway legislation.  Then they have to undermine the religious heart of the nation and the people.

If this sounds like America today then you’re right.  All of these things have been taking place, especially in the past 20 years.

Once the socialists have progressed this far, they need to start taking over businesses and promote more national programs.  They have to create a crisis to which they can rally around and offer to save the country.

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Again, sound familiar?  They’ve taken over the healthcare industry, student loans, financial institutions and they even took partial ownership of several private businesses including General Motors.  Now they are trying to take over job creation and through it all have created a financial crisis to which they alone claim to be able to fix.

One of the final stages of a socialistic take over is the suspension of general elections.  And guess what?  The Democratic Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue called for that in a speech this week.  She suggested that we cancel the congressional elections for 2 years until we can get the economy fixed.  Her staff immediately came out and said the governor was joking, but it didn’t sound like a joke or tongue-in-cheek to me.

I suspect her ulterior motive for suggesting the cancellation of congressional elections in 2012 is that she realizes, as do many other Democrats across the land that they stand to lose more seats in the House and in the Senate which will most likely give Republicans control of both houses of Congress.  So what else is a socialist supposed to do to avoid losing political control?  Stop the elections.

It’s only a small step for the economy to take a strong nose dive resulting in an emergency situation for our nation.  It is precisely such an emergency needed by the socialists to complete their take-over of the American government.  And if you don’t think it could happen here, just read your history books about all of the other nations that felt the same way just before the socialists took power in their countries.

I didn’t hear any jest in the words or voice of Gov. Perdue.  America needs to take this as a warning shot across the bow that we are about to be boarded by enemies from within.

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