North Carolina Women Voters Say Bye-Bye to Barack Obama

Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party have been trying to convince women that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have declared a war on women.  They want us to believe that the GOP is the party of men and that they don’t care about women’s health, education or equality in the work place.

In actuality, the opposite is true.  It is the Democrats who are waging a war on conservative women.  Earlier this month Democrats were trying to push a measure through Congress that would guarantee women would get equal pay for equal work.  Yet, high ranking Democrats such as Rep Nancy Pelosi said that it was okay for Democrats to pay their female staff less than male staff because Capitol Hill is a different world.

In light of all this, the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women have produced a production they call, Why I Vote Republican, which they debuted at the state’s GOP convention.

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President of the women GOP group, Dena Barnes said that 61% of North Carolina voters recently voted to preserve traditional marriage and that she is hoping the same number will vote against Obama and his homosexual stand in November.  She also said that Democrats are purposely accusing Republicans of being anti-woman to deflect people from looking at Obama’s failures as president.

Barnes told OneNewsNow,

“I’ll tell you truthfully, Obama won, barely, in our state in ’08, and we cannot allow that to happen again.  So we’re doing a big push. But I think young women, single mothers and women who are in the work force are going to be the ones who will get out and work this time and will elect a new president. We’ve got to do it for our children and for our future.”

I can only hope and pray that their campaign to win over women voters in North Carolina is successful because historically, more women vote for liberal Democrats than for conservative Republicans.  If the response to their video is positive, then it should be shared with other states and used by the Romney campaign nationwide.

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