North Carolinians Turn Out for Romney and Ryan, Not for Biden

A couple days ago I wrote about how the citizens of Kansas ousted 17 moderates and replaced them with conservative politicians.  The moderates were linked to Obamacare and other more liberal policies and the people of Kansas loudly said no more when they went to the polls for the state primary.

It seems the citizens of North Carolina may be following the Kansas example in the way they are turning out to hear the top Party candidates.  Shortly after the news of Mitt Romney’s VP pick of Rep Paul Ryan, the two of them ventured to the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C. where they drew a crowd of about 4,700.  Later the same day, Romney and Ryan appeared in High Point, N.C. where they drew a crowd of over 10,000.

The next day, Vice President Joe Biden appeared at the Durham Armory in Durham, N.C. and only drew a whopping crowd of 660 people.  Then in a remarkable display of brilliance, Biden told a crowd in Danville, Virginia that with their help, he and Obama could win North Carolina again.

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What makes these numbers significant is that in the 2008 election 76% of Durham County voted for Obama and Biden.  Statewide, Obama and Biden won in 2008 by 14,000 votes.

If the current audiences are any indication, the support for Obama and Biden has been waning while the support for Romney, and now Ryan, appear to be increasing.  In an election that is supposed to be a lot closer than four years ago, Obama can’t afford to lose North Carolina or any other state if he wants to serve a second term.  Those of us that care about America and preserving it for our children, grandchildren and generations to come, see what’s happening in North Carolina and Kansas as positive signs.  Hopefully there are enough people in this land that have had enough of Obama’s socialism and will turn away from him and embrace a more positive future.

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