North Korea Puts Missiles on Alert After U.S. Bomber Exercise

North Korea’s leader with the Napoleon complex Kim Jong Un has ordered his rocket forces on standby and signed an order to prepare to strike the U.S. mainland, Hawaii and Guam after joint U.S. and South Korean military exercises involving B-2 bombers, according to the state media.

Kim, like his father before him, is fond of sabre-rattling. His bellicosity is meant to sound intimidating, but historically when North Korean leaders start beating war drums it just means they want some attention from the U.S., probably some money and food for their starving people.

There’s no reason to think that this time is any different, except for one thing: us.

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With the appearance of B-2 stealth bombers making practice runs, the Obama Administration seems willing to ratchet up the tensions in the region. Perhaps it’s just part of the game our leaders are willing to play with our military, trying to push North Korea to a point where it agrees to talk to our diplomats.

But this is an administration that has instigated the overthrow of governments in multiple nations and started a “civil war” in Syria. It’s also an administration that was willing to risk U.S. lives by giving guns to Mexican drug runners just to whip up support for gun control. It’s an administration that is willing to slaughter foreign innocents with its robot planes and then use those same drones over U.S. soil to spy on its own citizens. It’s an administration whose Homeland Security department thinks the enemy is conservatives and military veterans, and which is stocking up on so many rounds of ammunition and armored vehicles that it could wage a Gulf War-size conflict for decades.

Surviving the sort of international brinksmanship we are engaged in with North Korea has always required the command of men and women with cool heads and clear vision.

Those are traits that the off-kilter Kim does not possess.

Kim is more like a poodle I once owned who would always growl at the other dogs when he ate, even if they didn’t come near his food dish. Usually, it was just noise, but every once in a while for no reason, he would go a little extra crazy and start biting everyone around him.

That’s the same temperament the U.S. faces in North Korea. Provoking Kim will just give him an excuse to pull the trigger if he feels the need to do so.

The real question is, do we trust our own administration to recognize that moment and avoid it?

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