Notifying Parents Their Child Got An Abortion To Be A Crime If Oregon Bill Passes

Imagine having a daughter between the ages of 12 to 16. Would you want to know if your daughter sexually active, got pregnant and had an abortion without your consent?

How would you feel if your state legislature passed a law making it a crime to inform you that your minor daughter got an abortion?

Now consider the fact that the same state has a law that requires your permission before your child can take any kind of medication at school, including over an aspirin, but passes a law making it a crime to let you know the same daughter had an abortion.

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If you live in Oregon, this is about to become a reality.

Oregon House Bill 2758 would force insurance companies to pay for the abortion of a minor covered under anyone’s policy, generally the parents. However the bill would make it a crime to notify the policy holder of the claim, thus hiding the abortion from the parents.

The summary of HB 2758 reads:

“Prohibits carrier or third party administrator from disclosing to persons, other than enrollee who receives sensitive services, information relating to sensitive services provided to enrollee. Requires carrier and third party administrator to adopt procedures for enrollee to request to have personal health information protected from disclosure to policyholder or certificate holder if enrollee fears that disclosure will result in harassment or abuse of enrollee or will undermine enrollee’s ability to access health care.”

All your daughter has to do is say that she is afraid of what you will do if you found out she got pregnant and have an abortion and the insurance company would be barred from disclosing it to you.

Let’s put this in another perspective. Men, how would you feel if your wife got pregnant with your child and decided to have an abortion without telling you? Her healthcare coverage is in your name and she doesn’t want you to know that she just murdered your unborn child for whatever reason. All she has to do is tell the insurance company that she’s afraid of how you will react and your insurance company is barred from disclosing anything about the pregnancy or abortion from you.

Don’t forget that Oregon was the first state to legalize doctor assisted suicide. They’ve also legalized some marijuana use and made it illegal for a parent to seek therapy for their child who is questioning their sexuality. This is also the state whose Democratic governor resigned due to scandals but was replaced by another liberal Democrat and whose legislature is controlled by liberal Democrats.

This is typical for liberal Democrats. They have no problem trampling on the rights of parents and spouses to promote their socialist agenda. Part of the socialist takeover agenda laid out around 1900 was to undermine traditional Christian family values. That meant they had to break parental control of the kids so that the government could raise and brainwash them the way they want. It also means that they needed to destroy the strength found in marriages of one man and one woman. Once the Supreme Court fully legalizes homosexual marriages this summer, the socialists will be able to declare victory and Oregon is doing their best to lead the charge.

If you live in Oregon, you should be very concerned and even considering moving to another state that values marriage and parental authority.

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