November’s Decision: Socialism or Americanism

After listening to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at the Republican National Convention and reviewing the past three and half years of the Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration, the November election boils down to this: socialism or Americanism.

American was built upon the back of thousands of men and women who worked hard and long to build their own businesses.  They all started small and the vast majority remained small.  The backbone of the American economy is made up of the millions of small businesses across the nation that also supply jobs to millions of people.

Under the Obama administration, small businesses have been closing their doors at a record pace.  Not only are the owners losing their livelihood, but so are millions of workers, other businesses and individuals that rely upon them.  Like a human backbone, it cannot continue to support the body if it keeps weakening and losing pieces.  When enough pieces of the backbone are removed, the body can no longer support itself and it collapses on the floor.

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Socialism relies on the collapse of small businesses.  The government assumes the role of provider in all areas and aspects of life.  This is the path that the Obama administration is actively pursuing.  This is socialism, not Americanism.

The Romney/Ryan ticket promises to help small businesses and entrepreneurship to help rebuild the economy, create jobs and strengthen America’s backbone.   They’re not going to do it by borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars to use on another stimulus package, but by sound and reasonable business practices that have worked for years.  This is Americanism, not socialism.

The hallmark of the Obama/Biden administration is Obamacare.  Obamacare is nothing more than socialized healthcare.  The government assumes the role of health provider and they will make the decisions on what medical care you do and don’t get.  The cost of Obamacare is far greater than you know.  Not only is it going to cost every American family, rich, middle class and poverty level, thousands of dollars in hidden taxes over the next decade starting this coming January, but it will also cost lives.  Americans will die for lack of proper care.  Others will die because the care dictated to them by the government will not be the right care as in the case of Jacob Stieler.  Obamacare is socialism, not Americanism.

The Romney/Ryan ticket promises to repeal Obamacare and return ownership of your health to you.  They do plan to try to work on a new health plan, but one that will not tax American’s into poverty.  In the process, they will restore the money that Obama took from Medicare and strengthen the program to help make it last.  This is Americanism, not socialism.

Under the Obama/Biden administration, they have reduced the middle class and increased the number of families living at or below the poverty level.  A socialistic society does not have a middle class.  It has the upper governmental elite and then everyone else.  This is socialism, not Americanism.

The Romney/Ryan ticket promises to boost the economy, increase jobs and thus help bring more Americans out of poverty and back into the middle class.  The middle class helped make America strong and will help to strengthen it once again.  This is Americanism, not socialism.

Under the Obama/Biden administration, government entitlements and dependency has increased at an alarming rate.  The administration has made it harder for religious and other non-profit organizations to operate and provide charity.  Instead, the government has been assuming the role of charity and provider.  This is socialism, not Americanism.

The Romney/Ryan ticket has promised to help get many Americans back on their feet so that they can provide for themselves and their families and get rid of the government handout lists.  They will continue to provide care for those that really need it, while at the same time forcing many to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.  This is Americanism, not socialism.

The real choice come November is whether you want a socialistic government and country or the free America of our past?  If you want America to become like the old Soviet Union and Cuba, then cast your vote for Obama/Biden as this is socialism.  If you want to save America and restore it to its former greatness and free enterprise system, then vote for Romney/Ryan for this is Americanism.

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