So NOW Illegal Immigrants are Bringing Diseases to U.S.

Some days I hate being right.

Other days I just hate that there are so many people who don’t realize I’m right.

(I know at least some of you smarty-pants can sympathize.)

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Today, I’m feeling bitter and vindicated at the same time.

Vindicated because the L.A. Times, that defender of liberal mediocrity and bastion of Left Coast snobbery, has grudgingly admitted that illegal aliens are bringing a whole passel of dangerous diseases to this country that had previously been under control or largely unheard of.

Because it’s the L.A. Slimes, the admission is buried in a story that is bound and determined to downplay the threat of measles entering the U.S. across the border.

It’s the written equivalent of a newscaster who says, “And everything is fine and dandy — cough, Godzilla attacks, cough — here in Tokyo on this bright, sunny morning.”

Remember Baghdad Bob? “There are no American soldiers in Baghdad”?

I think you get the idea.

Yet, in the middle of the story about how there is no threat from measles crossing the border, comes this: “Beyond measles, however, there are some serious diseases that are brought to the United States from Mexico and Central America.”

Zoiks, as Shaggy would say.

The Times goes on, pointing out that “in 2013, 65% of the tuberculosis cases in the U.S. occurred among foreign-born people. … A majority of those people came from five countries: Mexico (1,233 cases), the Philippines (776 cases), India (495 cases), Vietnam (454 cases) and China (377 cases).”

According to the Times article, at least 145 cases of chicken pox were found among kids who were released into the country’s interior.

Then there’s Hepatitis A, which is also increasing thanks all our “undocumented pre-Americans.”

These being government statistics, there’s a high probability that they “under-guesstimate” the actual numbers.

But at least there’s nothing to worry about from measles, according to the Times.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for the Left to admit the truth about ebola.


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