NY and Boston Mayors Push Gun Control with Super Bowl Commercial

Were you one of the over 100 million people to watch the Super Bowl last night? Did you watch it because of the football or did you watch it for the commercials like millions do?

At the cost of $3.5 million per 30 seconds, they are the most expensive commercials on television and a sizeable investment for the sponsors. Among the commercials, some of which I thought were very gross and inappropriate, was one that I wonder how many people really noticed.

The rival mayors of last night’s game – New York City versus Boston – ran a commercial for MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns). Michael Bloomberg of New York City and Thomas Menino of Boston teamed together to promote the anti-gun organization that they co-founded in 2006.

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Sitting together on a couch, the two mayors claim to support the Second Amendment and that their goal is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. But if you go to their website you will find that some of their methods of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals actually do infringe on the Second Amendment right to bear and carry guns.

For instance, they want to enforce a stricter gun background check and gun registration. They are also against concealed carry reciprocity meaning that they do not want to recognize any other states’ conceal carry permit. This doesn’t just affect criminals but also affects law abiding citizens, as in the case of former marine turned jeweler arrested in New York City for voluntarily checking in his gun and showing his Indiana conceal carry permit.

If Bloomberg had his way, he would outlaw all guns in his city, but knows he can’t because of two Supreme Court rulings (District of Columbia v Heller and McDonald v Chicago) that declared municipal laws banning all guns to be unconstitutional. This is why he and Mayor Menino started their organization. MAIG now has around 600 members and an annual budget of $4 million, a large portion of which comes out of Mayor Bloomberg’s own monies.

The purpose of MAIG is to eliminate illegal guns so they cannot be used in crimes or to hurt or murder people. Mayor Bloomberg claims that since 1968, more people have been killed by illegal guns than the number of Americans killed in World War II. According to which set of statistics you use, there were approximately 416,000 American military deaths and 1,700 American civilian deaths in World War II. Since 1968 was 44 years ago, the number of deaths due to illegal guns averages out to 9,486 per year.

I have to ask where he gets this figure from and what he defines as an illegal gun. Is it actually guns that are illegal to own or is it about people that have been convicted of a felony and are no longer allowed to own or even handle a firearm? In other words, is it really a case of illegal guns or illegal gun ownership?

Most guns are legal to own, but not everyone can legally own a gun. For example, I have never been convicted of a felony and have nothing in my background that would make it illegal for me to own a firearm. I could legally own a handgun, rifle, shotgun and even a semi-automatic AK-47.

However, had I been convicted of a felony or for some other reason such as a severe mental disorder, I would not be able to legally own any firearm. That doesn’t make the guns illegal; it makes my ownership or possession of them illegal.

It may be an old cliché, but it is also an accurate statement that says, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. In places where guns have been banned, people still find ways to kill other people. Knives and poisons have always been available, but with the information freeway of the internet, explosives have become a popular way of getting rid of one’s enemies and making statements to others.

Besides, people have been killing people centuries before guns were invented, starting with the very first set of brothers, Cain and Abel.

Bloomberg and Menino’s use of the term, illegal guns, is typical for liberal anti-gun Democrats who want to make all guns illegal and deprive all Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear and carry arms.

While many Democrats have been shying away from the issue of gun control in this election year, Bloomberg and Menino’s Super Bowl commercial is sure to keep the issue in the forefront of Americans nationwide.

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