NY Cop Killed In Same Scenario that Darren Wilson Described When He Shot Michael Brown

Black activists like Al Sharpton have proven that they are not interested in the truth or justice concerning the shooting of Michael Brown. Sharpton makes his living by pouring gasoline on the fires of racial hatred as he has been doing in Ferguson, Missouri. To actually accept the truth and help quell the riots, burning, looting and violence taking place throughout the nation would mean taking money out of Sharpton’s pocket and he’s not about to let that happen.

What’s sad is how so many other blacks have fallen victim to Sharpton’s campaign of racial hatred. Just like they blindly voted for Barack Obama because he’s black (they forget he’s half white), they blindly jump on the racist bandwagon and demand the lynching of every white person that looks cross-eyed at a black person.

Many blacks have said that Darren Wilson’s account of what happened is absurd and an obvious lie. One black lady tweeted:

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“Darren Wilson’s testimony is filled with lies.”

Another person tweeted:

“1st, the idea that an unarmed guy would just REACH into cop car and go for gun is absurd.”

But is Wilson’s account that absurd and unbelievable? I would say ask David Smith just how unbelievable it is, but you can’t. David Smith was a Johnson City (NY) police officer who was shot and killed in March with his own gun. According to the New York Daily News:

“Johnson City Officer David Smith, 43, was shot multiple times outside an MRI office near Binghamton after a disturbed employee managed to grab his gun just after 7 a.m., said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.”

“The married 18-year police veteran, who has an 11-year-old son, had just arrived at Southern Tier Imaging when MRI technician James Clark, 43, wildly ran up to him before punching him several times as he was trying to exit his vehicle, said Zikuski.”

“During the attack witnesses said Clark managed to somehow grab Smith’s weapon and repeatedly open fire until the 40-caliber duty’s magazine was spent.”

“‘Once Officer Smith was down, then the suspect shot him two more times,’ said Zikuski at an afternoon press conference.”

“Clark was consequently killed by a responding officer with a single gunshot wound. He died a couple hours later in surgery, said Zikuski.”

There are only two differences between what happened with Officer Smith and Officer Wilson. In Smith’s case, the criminal was white and Smith died. In Wilson’s case, the criminal was black and he was the one who died. Otherwise, the two cases are virtually identical.

I wonder what the racists in Ferguson would say if they knew what happened to Officer Smith? Would their blind racial hatred still cloud the truth or would they realize that Wilson’s account is not only feasible but the truth, as testified to by eyewitnesses? Chances are that it wouldn’t matter to Sharpton because his hatred is so strongly entrenched into his character and to do otherwise would hurt his wallet.

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