NY Daily News Calls for NRA to be Labeled ‘Terrorist’

The people on the New York Daily News no doubt told themselves they were being leaders when they seriously called upon the Justice Department to designate the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization.

But they’re just running scared, believing their own spin and the president’s propaganda about the big bad guns that are killing people at school campuses around the country — and nowhere else in the civilized world.

To be declared a terrorist organization, you have to be state-sponsored and a group whose purpose is to cause terror. The NRA is neither of those, as any sane person acknowledges.

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The NRA exists for the purpose of protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights against people who want to disarm the country, such as those who work at the NY Daily News or at the White House.

The proximal trigger (see what I did there?) for the current panic over guns is the Oregon college shootings the other day. The liberal press and political opportunists like President Obama would have you believe that the cause of the shootings was the fact that guns are easy to purchase. In fact, the shooter’s father, Ian Mercer, also blamed guns in a televised interview, rather than his own absentee parenting.

But the real ingredients for tragedy were pulled from the usual pantry of maladjustments, neuroses and psychoses. Although there is reportedly an online dating profile of Chris Mercer that claims his views as “Republican, conservative,” the shooter was a mentally disturbed, narcissistic, apparently atheistic nebbish who decided to finally make his presence felt the only way he could think of, by killing normal people. He hated other religions, especially organized Christianity. Add in abandonment by his father and an overindulgent mother who bought him guns as presents despite his growing instability and you have a recipe for last week’s carnage.

People like the editorial board of the NY Daily News try to sound brave, like they are advocates of bold action, but they’re really just running naked and scared through the haunted forests of their own fearscape, looking for safety in the arms of the first self-proclaimed rescuer they can find.

In this case, it was President Obama, who had a Syria debacle and humiliating treatment at the hands of Vladimir Putin to cover for.

The truth is, there are a lot of things far deadlier than gun ownership — drunken driving for one.

Even compared with other Western countries, our homicide rate of 4.7 per 100,000 people isn’t that bad, and one of the lowest homicide rates out there is attributed to Switzerland, a country that mandates gun ownership for veterans.

Just like the scenes of other mass shootings, the Oregon college was a gun-free zone, and the state already has gun control. None of that stopped a mentally disturbed individual from killing people last week.

The NRA no more had anything to do with the latest shooting than Girl Scout cookie sales have to do with your diabetes. It’s just that the NRA is perceived as being in the way of the imagined “safety” anti-gun advocates neurotically crave.

Liberal causes are often founded in fear, and no amount of logic or fact will change the distorted outlook they hold. Seeing through that lens, gun-control advocates rush to embrace plans that would leave them and the rest of us far more vulnerable than we are now.


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