NY Judge’s Ruling Allows Gun Crimes To Increase

In August, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York Police Department policy called stop-and-frisk violates the constitutional rights of minorities.  The NYPD would stop and frisk anyone they deemed suspicious, but Scheindlin said that the majority of those stopped were black or Hispanic and that they would not have been stopped if they were white.  She said that it violates their Fourth Amendment rights of minorities.

Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner responded to the judge’s ruling, claiming that it would reverse the downward trend in gun related crimes.  He reported that about 10% of the 5 million stop-and-frisk resulted in arrests and that the policy had saved lives and reduced gun related crimes.  In an interview after the judge’s ruling, Kelly said:

“What we’re doing – and what we’re trying to do — is save lives.”

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“Things are going right here in New York. And this decision certainly has the potential of overturning it.”

Kelly’s premonition is already coming to fruition.  Since the judge’s ruling placed a squelch on the stop-and-risk, shootings have increased by 13% and the number of gunshot victims has also increased by 9%.

It’s sad that liberal judges are emasculating effective law enforcement tactics.  In New York, a judge ruled that the stop-and-frisk tactics was racial profiling and therefore unconstitutional.  It didn’t matter to her that in certain areas of the city, the population consists of blacks and/or Hispanics, and therefore most of the crimes committed there are being committed by blacks or Hispanics.

This is the same thing that federal government has done to Maricopa County, Arizona.  90% of the illegal trafficking in drugs and aliens involves Hispanics.  It only makes sense that the county sheriff’s department would turn their focus on Hispanics, especially those acting suspiciously.  But a liberal judge literally handcuffed all of their law enforcement efforts by ruling that they are not allowed to stop any Hispanic person for suspicion of drug or illegal people trafficking.  They can see a van overloaded with obvious illegals and if they can’t stop them unless it is for some other infraction of the law.  They can suspect a truck of carrying illegal drugs, but if a Hispanic is driving it, they can’t stop it unless the driver commits some type of traffic violation.

These liberal judges need to be removed from the bench.  Better yet, they need to spend six months working with the law enforcement officers their ruling affected.  Let them see for themselves what is happening on the streets of America.  Maybe then they’ll understand what law enforcement is up against and will rule to help them, not hinder them.

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