NY Mayor de Blasio Makes Anti-Police Judicial Appointment

The rift between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is bound to widen to chasm size after his latest move.

When de Blasio was running for the office of mayor, he was critical of the New York Police Department. He has never really supported them. Then after the death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD, de Blasio demonstrated his disdain for the police when he said that he has been training his bi-racial son to be polite and respectful to police because he does not want the cops to shoot and kill his son. He never said anything about teaching his bi-racial son to respect the law and obey the law, just to be careful not to get shot and killed by the NYPD.

Many in the NYPD took great offense to the mayor’s comments. When he showed up at the hospital after the murder of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, many officers turned their backs to the mayor in a public show of disdain for de Blasio.

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The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association posted a form letter for officers to sign requesting that de Blasio not attend their funeral if they are killed in the line of duty.

With relationships between de Blasio and the NYPD separated by a hurtful rift, the liberal mayor took another step towards widening that rift into a huge chasm. Last Tuesday, the mayor made a gesture to mend the rift by meeting with the leaders of five police unions. However, the very next day, he re-appointed interim Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson to her position on the criminal court. The re-appointment of Johnson only added gasoline to the fires of hatred within the ranks of the NYPD.

Why did this outrage the NYPD? Two men had been arrested for making online death threats against police after the death of Eric Garner. Within a couple days of the assassination of Ramos and Liu, Johnson released the two men from jail without having them post any bail. One of the two men is a gang member who has already missed his first scheduled court appearance and now has a warrant out for his arrest.

According to the NY Post:

“After The Post exposed Coley’s no-bail release in the NYPD threat case, Johnson was informally admonished by an official with the Office of Court Administration, sources have said. The court administrator told Johnson she ‘should be setting an example to the public that threatening or assaulting police officers isn’t an acceptable thing,’ one source said.”

“But instead of following the advice, Johnson doubled down later that same day and freed a man charged with attacking a cop outside a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn.”

Ed Mullins, Chief of the Sergeant’s Union commented about de Blasio’s re-appointment of Judge Johnson, saying:

“The mayor’s actions of reappointing this judge are completely hypocritical to his argument that he’s pro-police and counterproductive to what he claims to be an effort to open dialogue going forward.”

“He had the opportunity to demonstrate good will and support for the police, and he once again has demonstrated the opposite.”

Dennis Quirk, head of the State Court Officer’s Union, also commented on de Blasio’s actions calling it a disgrace. He went on to say:

“It sends a strong message to every police officer and everyone in the law enforcement community that it’s OK to threaten the lives of cops.”

de Blasio’s disdain for the police should not be any great surprise. He’s a liberal Democrat and a supporter of Barack Obama who also has no respect for the law. If the Democrat occupying the White House disrespects the law and law enforcement and the Democrat who served as the Attorney General of the United States also disrespected the law and law enforcement, then why shouldn’t the Democrat holding the mayor’s office in the largest city in the country? He’s only following the leadership of his political party.

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