NY Mayor’s War on Successful Charter Schools

If you thought former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant, you should see his replacement.  The people of New York voted in Democrat Bill de Blasio who is turning out to be more of a socialist tyrant than Bloomberg ever was.

His latest attack is aimed at the charter schools in New York that have a much higher success rate than the public schools do.  There are twenty-two Success Academy charter schools in New York City with 6,700 students.  Under former Mayor Bloomberg, an agreement was reached with Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz to have charter schools occupying the same buildings that some of the public schools use.  Mayor de Blasio insists that this cannot continue, saying:

“There’s no way in hell that Eva Moskowitz should get free rent.”

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Mayor de Blasio cancelled the agreement made with Bloomberg to open three more Success Academy schools this fall and one that had just opened.  His actions impact 700 students.  He has also said that he is looking into the options of cancelling the contracts of all of the charter schools that use public school buildings.  In a profile on Moskowitz, the Wall Street Journal stated:

“The 6,700 students at her 22 Success Academy Charter Schools are overwhelmingly from poor, minority families and scored in the top 1% in math and top 7% in English on the most recent state test…”

“In the six weeks since taking office, Mr. de Blasio has …cut all funding for charter-school construction after 2015. He announced a ‘moratorium’ on putting new charters inside existing schools. He is considering ways to roll back 25 co-locations already approved for the next school year, including 10 Success Academies.”

USA Today described the impact of de Blasio’s actions:

“Consider the third-graders at Success Academy Harlem 5. They share a public school building with P.S. 123. If Harlem 5 children lose their seats, they might have to enroll in P.S. 123.”

“Here’s the dilemma:”

“The schools have similar students, but 88% of Harlem 5 third-graders passed New York’s math test compared with 5% of P.S. 123′s.”

So why would de Blasio wage war on one of the most successful school systems in the city?  Some believe that de Blasio’s war on the charter schools is not about rent free education for thousands of student, but has everything to do the fact that the charter schools are non-union.  Being the strong union supporter that de Blasio is, it seems that he is willing to ruin the educational opportunities of 7,000 kids just for the sake of the teachers’ union.

It demonstrates that Mayor Bill de Blasio has no heart for the people of New York, especially for the younger generation.  He would rather see children processed through the city’s failing public school system rather than allow them to be successfully educated by non-union teachers.  So why would the same lower income people vote for this man who obviously cares nothing for them?  It’s beyond me, but that’s the way it seems to happen with Democrats time and time again.

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