NY Times Finally Finds Those ‘Nonexistent’ WMDs

After what seems like more than a decade of brilliant detective work, the New York Times has finally been able to announce that there were indeed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even though they had for years been at the forefront of the Left’s mob insisting there weren’t.

Just like with a lost sock or notebook, it turned out the WMDs were hiding in the last place the NYT staff and other leftists would have thought to look: Iraq.

Can you imagine?

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What’s really impressive about the New York Times’ story, though, is the way it went about finding the “previously unknown” (to liberals) information: by talking to military personnel and looking at military reports.


Must have taken a couple of days to put together that story.

According to the NYT article, not only did U.S. personnel find more than 5,000 chemical warheads, bombs and missiles during the Iraq War, but they were wounded by them on at least six different occasions.

But lest you worry that the “discovery” of the WMDs, which was kept secret by the Pentagon, redeem President Bush, the NYT assures readers it does not. See, the WMDs were WMDs, but they weren’t new WMDs.

In fact, most of them were made before the Gulf War, which really makes it a sin of the first President Bush. (NYT conveniently skips over the whole eight years of the Clinton Administration, during which the weapons were not destroyed, despite several U.N resolutions.)

The story doesn’t really say anything that hasn’t been known to conservatives and others brave enough to do their own research for years, which means the NYT editorial board has been sitting on this story.

So why release it now?

Given the Times’ history as an Obama cheerleader whose desire is to make the golfer-in-chief look good, and thus make the editorial board look good for consistently supporting him, this story is obviously meant as a distraction from Obama’s failures with ISIS.

After all, it was ISIS that discovered a cache of “nonexistent” weapons a couple of months ago, which the White House then assured us were so old that they could not be used.

It is also ISIS which has now been using these weapons against Iraqis and Kurdish fighters, according to the Guardian.

That’s the same ISIS that Obama vowed to degrade and destroy with an air campaign that has yet to make a significant dent as ISIS advances on Baghdad and Turkey.

That’s also the same ISIS that President Obama for years was arming, staffing and funding covertly under the umbrella of the Syrian “rebellion,” which became the staging ground for ISIS’s takeover of Iraq and formation of the first caliphate in nearly 100 years.

Especially with elections coming up, nothing says “vote Democrat” like a round of “get Bush.”


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