NYC Public Schools Inflating Grades to Hide Their Failure

I’ve long been critical of America’s public school system. They have become more focused in the brainwashing of our youth than they are about educating them. For the past several decades, America’s public school system has intentionally strayed away from their primary purpose of educating kids and spending more emphasis on brainwashing them to accept anti-Christian values such as homosexuality along with socialist ideology.

American history classes are teaching a false and altered history and that America is the enemy of the rest of world. They are taught globalism where they should be true to a one world government instead of being loyal to America. In many schools, students are taught that American patriotism is wrong. Science classes teach them they are nothing but the products of random chance evolution and that there is no God to be accountable to. Social sciences and health classes teach them that homosexuality is normal and often preferred. It teaches them that sex at any age is okay and you don’t have to tell your parents or even listen to what they say. They are taught in public schools that if you get pregnant, there are ways to get around state laws to have an abortion without parental knowledge or consent.

Last week I shared that Illinois’s public school system was failing to properly educate the state’s youth resulting in nearly 50% of their high school graduates attending community colleges were required to take at least one remedial class.

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To add to the mounting evidence of the failure of the public school system in America is what has been happening in New York City public schools.

StudentsFirstNY conducted a study of the New York City public schools and released their findings in The Hidden Truth: Massive Grade Inflation Conceals Underperformance in NYC Schools.

The group discovered that it is a common practice throughout the NYC public school system that students’ grades are being inflated by the schools to give appearance that more students are passing than should be passing. A number of schools in the NYC public school system have fewer than 10% of their students passing state tests, yet 85% of the same students receive passing grades for their coursework, prompting the authors to call for an independent audit of the coursework being used.

Part of the report reads:

“The findings of this analysis underscore why state test results play a critical check and balance function—it’s only by reviewing both school coursework and state test results that parents have the full picture of how their children are performing.”

Derrell Bradford, Executive Director of New York Campaign for Achievement Now, responded to the report, saying:

“School districts build their myth of excellence on subjectivity and incompatibility of data. In New York City, they use the same tactics to cover up underperformance. It’s understandable if you want to dodge accountability, but it’s indefensible if what you want to do is educate kids.”

“The School Quality Reports reveal grossly exaggerated pass rates on student coursework, giving parents a misleading picture of how their children are doing. Mayor de Blasio’s School Quality Reports would have you believe that roughly 85 percent of students in failing elementary and middle schools pass their coursework even though they are failing state exams. That 85 percent of students in schools with a 90+ percent failure rate on the New York State ELA exams manage to pass their ELA coursework belies logic. Either these schools are giving students below grade level work or they are accepting work product that does not meet grade level standards.”

Evelyn Rodriguez, the parent of a student attending the Automotive High School also commented about the news of grades being inflated, saying:

“My son recently got a 94 percent on his 10th grade science quiz, which I later learned was testing him on 5th-grade-level material. The school is trying to fool us into thinking everything’s fine, but I want my son held to the standards that are going to prepare him for life.”

Nakeia Porter, another parent of a NYC student also responded to the news of grades being inflated, saying:

“My son is in the second grade at [Public School] 305 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and he’s getting good grades in school. There’s a big disconnect, and I can’t trust my son’s grades because I know only 3 percent of kids in the building are passing state tests. I would rather know from the school now that there’s a problem, rather than waiting for state tests to tell me if there’s a problem.”

Tenicka Boyd, Director of Organizing for StudentsFirstNY and parent of a public school student, commented:

“The de Blasio administration must think they can lull parents into complacency by having schools give kids good grades even though the students are underprepared. Parents want an honest assessment of where their children are so they can take the necessary steps to help their child improve.”

In the span of a couple of weeks, reports indicate that both Chicago and New York City public schools are gross failures. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both major cities have been run by liberal Democrats for years. Liberals believe that they can not only brainwash our kids but they can dumb them down enough so that they won’t realize what the liberal Democrats are doing to them and our country. That’s also why the residents of these cities keep voting in people like de Blasio and Emanuel to govern them. That also explains why the same people keep voting for Obama and will most likely vote for Hillary Clinton given the chance.


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