NYPD Succumbs to Complaint from Terrorist Group

In New York City, there exists an independent non-profit group known as the Clarion Fund.  Their primary function is to produce and distribute material to educate Americans on the dangers of radical Islam.  The Clarion Fund has released three films in past 6 years, one of which was an award-winning film:

  • Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West – 2006
  • The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America – 2008
  • Iranium – 2011

The New York City Police Department had been using Clarion Fund’s, The Third Jihad, as part of their training program for their officers on terrorism.  If you watch the trailer for the film, the opening line says,

“The document states that their work in America is kind of a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within.”

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To date, the film has been shown to about 1,500 officers, that is until the NYPD received a complaint from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) after the New York Times ran a story on the film’s use in police training.  A spokesman for the Islamic groups claimed that the film misrepresented what they stand for and defiled their faith.

Clarion Fund senior fellow and former CIA officer Claire Lopez defended the film saying,

“CAIR is the terrorist organization, Hamas, representation in the United States.  It is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation/Hamas funding trial of 2008. It’s regrettable that the New York Times would run such criticism without delving in to what the film is actually about.”

Lopez also expressed her disappointment with the New York City Police Department’s response to CAIR’s complaint by banning the film from being shown to officers.

I echo her concern and disappointment that the NYPD would so easily cave in to a single complaint from an organization that is known to have ties to Hamas and Islamic terrorists.  Before reacting so impulsively, you would think that a law enforcement agency that prides itself on its investigative powers and anti-terrorist knowledge would have spent a little time to verify the accuracy of CAIR’s complaint and/or the accuracy of the film.

I mean, do you expect CAIR to openly admit their involvement with radical Islam or hide behind false claims of innocence so they can further their efforts to destroy us?

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