Obama a Psychopath and America like Nazi Germany Says Ben Carson

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is not afraid to speak what’s on his mind, even if it’s not considered to be politically correct.

In 2013, Carson rocked the political world when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. Standing a mere ten feet away from Barack Obama, Carson launched a scathing verbal assault on Obamacare. He spoke out against many of the problems with Obamacare and referred to it as socialist medicine that was destined to fail or bankrupt the nation.

Many conservatives listened to what Carson had to say about Obamacare and began touting him as a possible presidential candidate. They not only rallied around his views against Obamacare, but his brazenness in being so outspoken against Obama in Obama’s presence. GQ reports that earlier this year, Carson referred to Obamacare as:

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“‘The worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery’ and, in fact, ‘is slavery, in a way.” Similarly outrageous was his contention that “we live in a Gestapo age” and that America today is “very much like Nazi Germany.”

Carson has still not declared if he will run for president in 2016 or not, but he is gaining a lot of support. Many believe he will run, largely because of how he has continued to lambast many of Obama’s policies and the way the country is being run.

When Obama delivered his pack of lies known as the State of the Union Address in January, Carson watched and listened at the home of Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager and conservative media producer. At one point during Obama’s fairytale report, Williams commented:

“He looks good. He looks clean. Shirt’s white. The tie. He looks elegant.”

In his now typical honest and open style, Carson responded:

“Like most psychopaths. That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

To which Williams responded:

“He faces the same challenges you will face. He’s gotta convince people to believe him. That’s all he’s doing: selling his narrative.”

“But he knows he’s telling a lie! He’s trying to sell what he thinks is not true! He’s sitting there saying, ‘These Americans are so stupid I can tell them anything.’ “

I’ve been saying the same things about Obama, but have no political aspirations to worry about. However, some wonder if Carson’s harsh criticism of Obama will hurt him if he decides to run for president.

If you listen to the liberal mainstream media, no conservative Republican stands a chance of beating Hillary Clinton. In their eyes, which have been blinded by the cataracts of liberalism, only a liberal Republican like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie would have any chance of coming close to Clinton in the election.

On the other hand, Carson’s politically incorrect criticism of Obama continues to attract a growing crowd of conservatives who are strongly urging him to make a presidential run. While I may not agree with all of Carson’s views at this time, he would be a welcomed change to the career politicians that have occupied the White House for decades.


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