Obama Ad Compares Voting for Him to Losing Virginity

Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t possibly sink any lower, a new ad from the Obama campaign actually compares voting for the president to having sex for the first time.


The campaign hired some no-name Emmy-winning actress, Lena Dunham, who apparently has a series called “Girls” on HBO, to be the face of this latest example of what liberals really think of women’s intelligence.

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Obama seems to be in a competition not for the presidency of the United States, but for the presidency of the local junior high school.

The voting-is-sex ad is just the latest in a spate of campaign outbursts that sound more like they belong in a school cafeteria than a serious election — “Romnesia,” “bulls*****r,” Big Bird.

The ad must be seen to be believed. See it here.

Obama’s always thought of himself as the super cool dude about town. It’s as if the high from all his time with his “choom gang” never quite wore off.

It’s typical of how Democrats see women as nothing more than sex objects.

So, following the campaign’s metaphor, Obama is the one-night stand who gives you a temporary thrill followed by years of lingering regrets.

As Dunham describes her supposed vote for Obama: “My first time voting was amazing. It was this line in the sand. Before I was a girl, now I was a woman. I went to the polling station. I pulled back the curtain. I voted for (dramatic pause) Barack Obama. (Quiet giggle.)”

It sounds more like a description of a dollar peep show. You almost expect her to describe Obama dancing in a leopard-spot g-string.

I suppose that whole scenario makes Joe Biden the inevitable sexually transmitted disease, which would actually explain a lot.

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