Obama Administration’s Stupidest Border Action Yet!

In a move that exhibits the stupidity of the Obama Administration, they are proposing unmanned border entry points between the US and Mexico.

At a remote area of Big Bend National Park, the border between the countries, consist of one of the shallowest depths of the Rio Grande River allowing easy wading into the US.   It is here that the US plans to start installing unmanned kiosks where Mexicans from the town of Boquillas del Carmen will be able to wade across the river scan their proper documentation, and enter the US legally.  Border Patrol agents at least 100 miles away will then be able to view the scanned documentation and communicate with the Mexicans wishing to cross the border.  Currently, these Mexican residents have to drive 240 miles to legally enter the US at a manned border entry.  Those who do cross over and use the kiosks will still have to walk many miles to get to any town or city.

If the proposal is approved, Big Bend National Park which covers more than 800,000 acres of desert wilderness, would be assigned 8 Border Patrol agents that would work in conjunction with the 23 park law enforcement officers.  Total cost of the project is estimated to be about $2.3 million dollars, but we all know that it will run much higher.  I for one would like to know how they plan to power the kiosks since they will be at least a hundred miles from any US power source and how much it will cost to get power to them.

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Officials involved in the decision believe it will only improve conditions in the area.  William Wellman, superintendent of Big Bend National Park said,

“People that want to be engaged in illegal activities along the border, ones that are engaged in those activities now, they’re still going to do it.  But you’d have to be a real idiot to pick the only place with security in 300 miles of the border to try to sneak across.

“We think we can do this without doing any damage to national security and possibly enhance security along the border by having better intelligence, better communication with people in Mexico.”

Not everyone is as optimistic about the project as the Obamanites pushing it.  Rep Michael McCaul from Texas who is also on the House Homeland Security committee, questions the intelligence and logic of the project.  McCaul commented,

“We need to use our resources to secure the border rather than making it easier to enter in locations where we already have problems with illegal crossings.  There is more to the oversight of legal entry than checking documents. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) needs to be physically present at every point of entry in order to inspect for contraband, detect suspicious behavior and, if necessary, act on what they encounter.”

I want to know what makes Wellman and others believe this will improve border security in the area and how it will decrease the traffic of illegal drugs and drug runners?  Does he truly believe that the Mexican drug cartel will avoid the area because of unmanned kiosks?  And what if a Mexican crosses and doesn’t scan their documentation?  With no one around for miles, who’s going to stop them?

This makes as much sense as replacing prison guards and locked doors with kiosks and expect the prisoners to be on the honor system and scan their prisoner ID every time they move from one location to the other.  What would stop the prisoners from bypassing the kiosks and just walking away from the prison?

Instead of kiosks, the feds need to place armed guards along the border with instructions to allow crossing to those with proper documentation and reason and to stop all others from crossing.  Guards need to serve in pairs and be within sight of the guard stations on either side of them.  They need to be armed with automatic weapons and night vision binoculars and scopes along with infrared sensors.

I’m all for legal immigration, but this idea to spend several million dollars on remote unmanned kiosks is not the solution.  It’s a waste of money and material and one of the stupidest ideas to come out of the Obama administration.

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