Obama Administration Abandoning Israel and Supporting Palestine’s Bid for UNESCO Recognition

Surrounded by hostile Muslim nations, the tiny state of Israel has long relied on the support of the United States.  Ever since becoming a free state in 1948, every US President has strived to establish and maintain the relationship between the two nations.

However, since taking office, President Obama has done everything possible to destroy the diplomatic relations with Israel.  Obama has repeatedly embraced and courted the Islamic nations surrounding Israel including those that have continually expressed their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

More recently, the Palestinians have applied for official recognition as a free state by the United Nations.  Obama has promised our Israeli friends that he will oppose and veto any measure made by the UN to officially recognize Palestine.  But does he really mean what he says or is it a smoke screen to hide his real intentions?

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While everyone is focusing their attention on the floor of the UN, the Palestinian contingency has been attempting to gain recognition through lesser publicized means.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, more commonly referred to as UNESCO, voted this week to accept Palestine as a full state member.

Allow me to give you a little history on UNESCO and their relationship with Palestine and other Muslim nations and Israel.

Ever since Palestine first applied for UNESCO recognition in 1974 UNESCO has intentionally sided with the Muslim world against Israel.  They have actively joined in Palestine’s effort to erase Jewish culture, heritage and history from all world history.  They have been trying to rewrite history involving the Jews much like the liberal socialists in America have been trying to rewrite American history and remove all vestiges of Christianity from the history books.

UNESCO has boycotted Israel, condemned their actions in defending themselves from the Palestinians and others while at the same time never condemning Palestinian aggression aimed at Israel.  They have consistently declared every Jewish land mark to belong to the Muslims including the Temple Mount, Solomon’s stables, Rachel’s Tomb, and Joseph’s Tomb.  Virtually every ancient synagogue in Gaza and Jericho have been razed to the ground, all with UNESCO’s blessing.

In 2009, UNESCO designated Jerusalem as a “capital of Arab culture.”  In 2010, Rachel’s tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron were both designated to be Muslim mosques.

Also in 2010, UNESCO purposely referred to the famous Jewish doctor and rabbinic scholar Rabbi Moshe ben-Maimon—Maimonides by the Muslim name of Moussa ben Maimoun in their history of science in the Arab world.

The list of UNESCO’s pro Muslim and anti-Israeli actions are enough to fill a small book and I hope you get the idea of what they have done.

With all that said, you may be curious as to what if anything the US is doing concerning the UNESCO recognition of Palestine.

While taking a pro-Israel stand on the main UN floor, the US has taken no action to stop the UNESCO recognition.  They never threatened to veto the action.  Martha Kanter, the US Under Secretary of Education passed on the opportunity to speak against UNESCO’s actions with Palestine, when she addressed them a couple of days before the vote.  Instead, she praised them for all they’ve done and then announced the US plans to seek their re-election to the executive board of UNESCO.

Not only that, but US law clearly states that if UNESCO approves the bid for Palestinian membership that all funding from the US to UNESCO will be terminated.  To show Israel exactly were Obama’s support lies, his administration along with UN officials are lobbying Congress to change the law to free up UNESCO funding.

So while Obama tells Israel that he will side with them and veto any effort by the UN to officially recognize a Palestinian state, they not only refuse to block the UNESCO recognition, but they ask Congress to continue to fund the UN organization that has worked tirelessly over the past 38 years to destroy the nation of Israel.

Obama’s loyalty to his Muslim brothers continues to rule his term in office and his dealings with Israel.  His words say one thing, but his actions are clearly Muslim and anti-Israel.  He clearly supports UNESCO that is very pro-Muslim and anti-Israel.  And he only has one more year to do his best to completely severe all US diplomatic relations with Israel, leaving them to fend for themselves against Obama’s chief allies, the Arabs!

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