Obama Administration Advice On School Shootings: Run And Hide

And fight only as a last resort after you’ve tried the running and the hiding. And use things like fire extinguishers and chairs. You might be surprised how much damage a chair can do to a mentally deranged psycho armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a 100-round magazine.

Here’s what a report prepared by the Obama Administration for the Department of Education advised in relation to an active shooter scenario at a school:

“If it is safe to do so for yourself and those in your care, the first course of action that should be taken is to run out of the building and far away until you are in a safe location.

Students and staff should be trained to:

  • Leave personal belongings behind;
  • Visualize possible escape routes, including physically accessible routes for students and staff with disabilities as well as persons with access and functional needs;
  • Avoid escalators and elevators;
  • Take others with them, but not to stay behind because others will not go;
  • Call 911 when safe to do so; and
  • Let a responsible adult know where they are.
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If running is not a safe option, hide in as safe a place as possible. Students and staff should be trained to hide in a location where the walls might be thicker and have fewer windows. In addition:

  • Lock the doors;
  • Barricade the doors with heavy furniture;
  • Close and lock windows and close blinds or cover windows;
  • Turn off lights;
  • Silence all electronic devices;
  • Remain silent;
  • Hide along the wall closest to the exit but out of the view from the hallway (allowing for an ambush of the shooter and for possible escape if the shooter enters the room);
  • Use strategies to silently communicate with first responders if possible, for example, in rooms with exterior windows make signs to silently signal law enforcement officers and emergency responders to indicate the status of the room’s occupants; and
  • Remain in place until given an all clear by identifiable law enforcement officers.”

The last option was to fight. Fight with anything…except a gun, of course.

It’s like those Homeland Security videos released earlier this year, advising office workers to defend themselves from “active shooters” with scissors – but only as a “last, worst-case scenario.” The first two options were like the school shooting advise:  run and hide. And wait for the police to show up to clean up the mess left behind by the mass murderer.

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