Obama Administration Altering Intelligence Reports on ISIS to Support His Islamic Agenda

When you read and see reports from different international news outlets, it looks like ISIS is getting stronger and spreading their reign of terror throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. Whenever a town is rescued from the bloody grip of ISIS, they mount an offensive and take back the town.

Reports also indicate that ISIS has their hands in multiple dealings that are bringing them up to $1 million a day and more to finance their terrorist onslaughts. This is helping them spread their message throughout the world. There have already been indications that ISIS has been in contact with Mexican drug cartels to discuss ways into the United States. They are recruiting in the US, United Kingdom and elsewhere.

But if you listen to Barack Obama, you would think that the US and our allies are winning the war against ISIS and driving them back. New information indicates that Obama’s reports on ISIS are just as wrong and misleading as his reports on unemployment, the economy, immigration, green energy, climate change and racism.

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Reports indicate that over 50 intelligence analysts with Centcom, the Pentagon agency responsible to monitor our security interests in the Middle East and Central Asia, accuse senior intelligence officials are regularly altering their reports to make them fit with Obama’s agenda. The reports not only involve ISIS but al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch known as the Nusra Front.

Two senior analysts, with the support of the 50 analysts, filed a written complaint with the Inspector General for the Department of Defense, making the accusations of report tampering. The complaint contends that some crucial pieces of intelligence reports were removed and others altered. Other analysts reported working in an environment where they were uncomfortable making honest and accurate assessments. Others reported having reports that ‘too negative’ returned to them instead of being passed on. Some analysts have reported the work environment at Centcom to be ‘Stalinistic.’

When conditions at Centcom were reported to leadership, those making the reports were urged to retire and in fact some did leave. The leadership is being accused of trying to further their political careers by reporting to the Obama administration what it wants to hear rather than reporting the truth.

Michael Morrell, former CIA Deputy Director under Obama responded to the reports saying:

“One of the central tenets, one of the key aspects of the policymaking process in the United States is that analysts get to say what they think without any interference, without anybody changing it, so this is a very, very serious charge. I think it needs to be fully investigated.”

“If there is truth that somebody has been meddling with their analysis, I think somebody needs to lose their job over it, and there needs to be full transparency into this because it is so important that analysts be able to say what they really think.”

But why would Obama want to play down what is happening with ISIS and the Nusra Front? Could it be that he has hidden affiliations with him? His brother Malik works for a Syrian organization that has ties to Islamic terrorists and he regularly wears a Hamas scarf that promotes the annihilation of Israel.

Don’t forget that several years ago, Barack Obama barred any of his people from using the term ‘Islamic terrorists’ or any facsimile. He has constantly played down the seriousness of these pagan extremists in a way that can only be defined as defending them, while at the same time taking harsh actions to sever our relationship with Israel.

Although Obama claims to be a Christian, he continues to wage war against Christians in the military and the rest of America, yet he continues to support and defend Muslims in the US and elsewhere. I truly believe that Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamic infiltrator and is guilty of treason against the United States. If it were up to me, he would be arrested, thrown in jail, tried, convicted and publicly executed by a firing squad for all to see. Sadly, it’s not up to me and he will continue to aid our enemies and destroy America until we are nothing more than smoldering ruins.

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