Obama Administration Gears Up To Sell Obamacare

These days, most politicians are nothing more than idea salesmen. Their empty bumper sticker sound bites are their marketing slogans that get them elected. Through these slogans, they convince their voters that it’s only fair to tax the rich, because they have more than everybody else, and since the poor are entitled to “free” health care, the rich should be the ones to pick up the tab. The politician campaigns on promises to work tirelessly to ensure the poor are taken care of through universal healthcare, and the rich are “brought to justice.”

Being an idea salesman probably isn’t all that difficult since the voting mob is so easily swayed. They’ll buy anything. Politicians know that once members of this mob get just a tiny taste of government dependency, they’ll be hooked for life. And all the politician has to do is offer them more and more, and he’ll get re-elected every time.

Now the Obama administration is working on a marketing campaign to quite literally sell Obamacare to America’s uninsured. To better craft their marketing slogans and tailor their message, they’ve broken up the uninsured into 3 groups:  the Healthy and Young; the Sick, Active and Worried; and the Passive and Unengaged. CNS News summarized these groups:

 “The Healthy & Young [48% of uninsured] take good health for granted, are tech-savvy and have ‘low motivation to enroll.’ The Sick, Active & Worried [29%] are mostly Generation X and baby boomers, active seekers of health care information and worried about costs. The Passive & Unengaged [15%] group is mostly 49 and older, ‘lives for today,’ and doesn’t understand much about health insurance.”

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I suppose I would fall into the Healthy and Young group, although I’m not “tech savvy,” and I don’t take good health for granted. I do, however, have extremely “low motivation to enroll” in some Obamacare program. I bet they’re going to have a catchy, internet video just for me that’s supposed to make me feel good about signing up for Medicaid or whatever health plan is “right for me.”

Their advertising campaign is supposed to begin some time this summer. The administration’s goal is to convince as many people as possible to get signed up in either a subsidized private insurance policy or Medicaid before the new law goes into effect on January 1st. They want as many people living on Obama’s plantation as possible.

The new law going into effect at the beginning of next year will require most Americans to have health insurance or face penalties. A recent study showed that Obamacare will raise health care costs by about 32%. This is where the marketing campaigns and idea salesmen come in. They’ve got to convince all the uninsured people that Obamacare is actually good for them, and I’m sure most people will buy it hook, line and sinker.

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