Obama Administration Letting Criminal Immigrants Go Free

Last year alone, the Obama Administration let 35 percent of aliens with records of criminal conviction — around 68,000 — go free, according to a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report cites internal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement data to conclude that the Administration is misusing “prosecutorial discretion” and jeopardizing public safety by letting too many deportable aliens go free.

Out of nearly 722,000 encounters with illegal or criminal immigrants last year, ICE officials only filed immigration charges against 195,000 of them.

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From the report: “According to ICE personnel, the vast gap between the number of encounters reported and the number of aliens put on the path to removal exists because officers are not permitted to file charges against aliens who do not fall into the administration’s narrowly defined criteria for enforcement, regardless of the criminal charges or the circumstances in which the alien was identified.”

The Obama Administration’s policies of “prosecutorial discretion” first went into effect in June 2011, and since that time alone, arrests by ICE have dropped by 40 percent, according to the report.

This comes at a time when the Administration is claiming “record numbers” of aliens being deported. But according to the report, that claim is only made possible because ICE is counting the Border Patrol’s arrests as its own, something that has not been done in previous administrations.

Last week, Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office released an immigration report of its own that found that fewer than 1 percent of aliens deported were not serial immigration offenders.

In response to the new CIS report, Sessions told The Blaze, “The preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that immigration enforcement in America has collapsed. Even those with criminal convictions are being released. DHS is a department in crisis.”

He added, “Comments from top Administration officials, such as Attorney General Holder’s claim that amnesty is a civil right, or Vice President Biden’s claim that those here illegally are all U.S. citizens (apparently including someone whose visa expired yesterday), demonstrate the administration’s increasing belief in an open borders policy the American public has always rejected.”

Jessica Vaughan, CIS director of policy studies, said, “The Obama administration’s deliberate obstruction of immigration enforcement, in which tens of thousands of criminal aliens are released instead of removed, is threatening the well-being of American communities.”

Once again, we have a lawless Administration led by an imperial president who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him or his flunkies, and who is pursuing the installation of dogmatic policies that are demolishing our country brick by brick. They are policies he learned at the knees of a line of socialist mentors and teachers. They are not American policies. They are not policies that protect and build individual liberty.

The long-range goal of the policies pursued by this Administration is reduction of America to also-ran, impoverished, Third World status. There is no other reasonable conclusion. And it will not be stopped until our so-called leaders reassert the authority of Congress and the primacy of American principles.

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