Obama Administration Needs a Math Tutor

Five million and counting. That’s how many people so far have lost their health insurance coverage thanks to regulations put in place under the umbrella of Obamacare, which was supposed to ensure everyone had coverage.

One hundred thousand. That’s about how many people supposedly have somehow managed to sign up for Obamacare despite crashing websites and misdirection by Obamacare “navigators.”

According to Nancy Pelosi, at least five times more than that number have actually signed up. She knows this because she read it in some chicken entrails.

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The reality is probably strongly in the opposite direction. The Obamacare website has been on intensive care since it was opened, but apparently the online shopping carts work, and whether someone actually buys a policy or just abandons the cart, the Obama Administration counts that as a signup.

This Administration has a lot of trouble with math.

While President Obama was wandering around telling Americans they could keep their policies if they like them, someone in the Administration had published in the Congressional Record in 2010 a report that estimated 93 million people would lose their policies.

Thanks to the HealthCare.gov website foul-up, which has affected 36 states, Obamacare has only reached about 20 percent of its target for the rollout month of October.

If the Administration’s handling of monthly unemployment numbers is any precedent, that initial enrollment will likely be adjusted down next month.

The Obama Administration has been skating by on doctored jobless figures for years. The current unemployment figures only appear low because millions of Americans have given up even looking for a job, falling out of the work force altogether, which allows the Bureau of Labor Statistics to surreptitiously reduce the out-of-work number.

Figure into that the massaging that goes on to get what are called the U-3 unemployment figures. Real unemployment is recorded in the U-6 column, coming in usually at almost double the advertised jobless rate. Even those numbers are probably low, according to a number of economists.

Another example of the Obama camp’s penchant for fuzzy math is the budget itself — or would be if we had a budget. The Congress is supposed to be in charge of passing an annual budget, with input from the White House. The government instead has been running on stopgap measures and miscellaneous appropriations bills for years, allowing opportunities for entertaining dinner theater such as the recent “shutdown.”

Yet somehow, despite the lack of a real budget, the Democrats still know exactly the moment when the debt ceiling “has to” be raised, under pain of credit default.

Of course, a little math trouble is to be expected from a political party led by a guy who won his most recent election with the help of districts where he got 110 percent or more of the vote.

And let’s not even get into the Social Security number from a state Obama’s never lived in.

Like with all things Obama, it’s best when considering the statistics around Obamacare to simply close your eyes and believe real hard. Remember, hope and change. …

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