Obama Administration Tells Border Patrol to Stop Making Drug Arrests

Over the past six years of Obama’s dictatorship, he has done more to tie the hands of law enforcement agencies and preventing them from doing their jobs than anyone in American history.

He has actively tried to take the firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens knowing that it will leave them defenseless against criminals. Even though we have numerous reports of law abiding citizens who have used their guns to protect themselves and their families, Obama continues to push to disarm America.

He stripped the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona of their federal immigration enforcement powers and then hobbled them with an anti-law enforcement monitor to make sure they didn’t do their rightful jobs. Any time a member of his department stops a vehicle or makes an arrest, they are carefully scrutinized to make sure they are not racially profiling. I’ve always asked how can they effectively do their job in law enforcement in an area where over 75% of the crime is associated with Hispanic illegal drug, human trafficking and other violent crimes without focusing their attention on Hispanics?

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Obama has taken many steps to allow millions of illegal aliens into the US. He issued orders that were themselves illegal to not deport illegals who were detained, but to release them back onto our streets. Supposedly, any illegal convicted of a felony will be deported but Obama’s administration has ordered hundreds of thousands of illegals with felony convictions to be released in our neighborhoods.

After instances like the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, law enforcement agencies around the nation are finding themselves under federal scrutiny for any possibility of racist actions. As a result, many police officers, especially in Baltimore, are hesitant to even patrol high crime areas for fear of being charged with a crime for enforcing the law.

Once again the Obama administration has proven that they have no concerns whatsoever about protecting the American people from criminals. Members of the US Border Patrol are complaining that they’ve been instructed to stop making arrests for illegal drugs entering the US.

In the past, Border Patrol agents, especially those along the Mexican border would stop any vehicle that looked suspicious, often finding illegal drugs and making arrests. Shawn Gallagher, a Border Patrol agent in the San Diego area, spoke out saying:

“Now the port of entry has to explain who was in the primary lane, what actions were taken, if the vehicle was inspected, so you can see there’s a whole host of implications.”

“There was a lot of pressure for us to get out of the [drug] interdiction game.”

Part of the reason for the intense scrutiny of Border Patrol agents is the results of several cross border shootings involving Border Patrol agents, one of which resulted in the death of a teen in Nogales, Mexico who killed by gunfire originating on the Arizona side of the border.

It seems the Obama administration has forgotten or ignored the fact that Border Patrol agents have often been shot at by illegals resulting in injuries and deaths of our agents. They also forget that the Mexican army penetrated the US and fired upon American citizens, one of which was killed by the Mexicans.

The Obama administration also ignores the fact that illegal drugs lead to increase burglaries, home invasions, physical assaults and deaths by murder and overdosing. The officials making these decisions live in their gated and guarded communities that are cut off from the rest of America. Their kids attend schools with armed guards even though they say they are against guns on school campuses.

Preventing Border Patrol agents from making drug busts and arrests will allow tons of illegal drugs to flood our streets and neighborhoods. That means more people will get addicted resulting in more burglaries, assaults and deaths. Addicts are desperate to get money for their fixes and often act irrational when they break into someone’s home, resulting in more harm to people and property.

Obviously Barack Obama and his cronies care nothing for the safety of you and your family. Their families are well protected, but they continue to take actions that place your family in greater harm’s way.

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