Obama Administration Wants Historic Tombstone Arizona to Dry Up and Blow Away

Whether due to the investigation into his birth certificate or challenge of the fed’s failure to enforce immigration laws, it seems the Obama administration is focusing a lot of their attention on destroying the state and its cities.

Located in the desert of southeastern Arizona, Tombstone is one of the state’s most historic cities.  Between 1877 to 1890, somewhere between $40 to $85 million of silver was mined in and around the old west town.  The silver boon resulted in a population explosion that saw the city swell from fewer than 100 residents to over 14,000 in about 7 years.

Tombstone was a typical wide open old west town.  Gunfights and robberies were not uncommon.  Around the early part of 1880, four brothers Morgan, Virgil, Warren and Wyatt Earp came to town.  Virgil was a Deputy US Marshal and quickly assumed the role of town marshal after the death of Fred White.  Virgil’s famous brothers assisted him from time to time and their style of law enforcement was questioned by many, especially by Ike and Billy Clanton along with Frank and Tom McLaury.

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The friction between the Earp’s along with Doc Holliday and the others continued to heat up until October 26, 1881 when it erupted in a shootout at the OK Corral.  When the shooting ended, Billy Clanton, Frank and Tom McLaury lay dead on the ground.  Doc Holliday, Morgan and Virgil Earp were wounded and Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne, who had joined the Clantons, managed to escape unharmed.

The gunfight at the OK Corral is one of the most famous old west historical events and the town of Tombstone has since become a tourist destination as many people want to see the site of the gunfight and the famous Boot Hill Cemetery.

Today, another battle is ensuing in Tombstone and may lead to another shootout.  This time the participants are the town of Tombstone versus the Obama administration.

Last year, a forest fire ravished the Huachuca Mountains near Tombstone.  After the fire burned most of the vegetation in the area, the summer monsoon rains washed tons of silt, mud and boulders into the water collection system that the city relies on.  The bulk of the water used by the town comes from this collection system and 25 mountain springs in the Huachuca Mountains.

You would think that there would be no problem in repairing their water supply system, but the Obama administration is doing their best to prevent the town from doing so.

According to Julie Decker, the deputy state director in the US Department of the Interior, Tombstone must apply for special permits from the Interior department before they will be allowed to repair their water system.  In a letter from Decker to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, she stated,

“Federal water rights are entitled to a form of protection that is broader than what may be provided to similarly situated state law rights holders.”

Her letter went on to explain that water is not necessarily legally available to all users who intend to develop or improve property in the area and that federal jurisdiction supersedes state and local rights because,

“The expressed federal reserved water right created by Congress is senior to all junior water users who initiate uses after the date of the establishment of the reservation.”

It seems the feds are trying to assert their muscle and take full control of all water rights in many places in the southwest.  They are also requiring ranchers in the area that have had specified spring fed water rights to turn over their ownership and water rights before they will consider issuing permits for any maintenance, improvement or any change to current conditions.

Similarly, they are trying to force the town of Tombstone to turn over all of their water rights and ownership of 25 springs and the water collection from two canyons in the Huachuca Mountains.  In the meantime, the city is in a water emergency situation and has applied for an exemption to the federal government based on the emergency.  However, US District Judge Frank Zapata turned down the emergency request.

The Goldwater Institute is trying to help intervene on behalf of the city claiming that the Tenth Amendment gives the state and local government rights over the feds concerning the watershed.  In a statement released by the organization they stated,

“Until last year, the U.S. Forest Service recognized and respected those rights, which date back to the days of Wyatt Earp. Today, the federal government denies they exist and refuses to allow Tombstone to restore more than three of its spring water catchments.”

“In denying the request, the court ruled that the town did not exhaust efforts to obtain federal permits to use the equipment despite nine months of continuous efforts by the town to secure the U.S. Forest Service’s cooperation. The court was not moved by a state of emergency declared specifically for Tombstone by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer,”

Goldwater Institute attorney Christina Sandefur said that Tombstone,

“Is making a stand for state sovereignty, property rights and public health and safety against federal overreach.”

“We all have a stake in stopping the Forest Service from killing the ‘Town Too Tough To Die,’”

Nick Dranias, lead attorney and director of constitutional studies at the Goldwater Institute said,

“Requiring Tombstone to seek federal permits to repair its municipal water supply is like demanding a federal permit before the city can make repairs to a fire truck.”

“Under the Tenth Amendment, the federal government has no power during a state of emergency to stop a local government from repairing its own municipal property, which is essential to providing safe drinking water and adequate fire protection.”

He went on to explain that allowing the federal government to claim the water rights over states and municipalities is extremely dangerous for the entire southwestern US especially.  If the federal government can legally deny Tombstone’s long held water rights,

“Then nobody can rely on their water rights.”

“Because water is the lifeblood of Western states, the federal government is threatening jobs and economic growth across the West, not just the lives and properties of Tombstone residents.”

Fellow American citizens, this is one of many attempts of the Obama administration to defy the 10th Amendment and strip states of their rights and sovereignty.  It’s part of Obama’s move to establish a federal socialistic government where no state or individual will have any rights other that what they decide to give you.  This has got to stop before it’s too late.  Obama and the rest of his liberal socialists MUST be voted out of office this November.  Please, please, please remember to vote this year and to encourage everyone you know to do likewise.  Other than an all-out civil revolution, this November is the only hope we have of trying to preserve America.

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