Obama Admits ISIS Spreading, But Says We’ll Win … Eventually

There he goes again.

President Obama came away from a Pentagon briefing Monday basically admitting that he has failed to stop ISIS, but promising that we will still somehow magically defeat the increasingly global terrorist caliphate.

And by the way, ISIS remains neither Islamic nor a state.

Obama’s discussions and promises about ISIS — which he stubbornly refers to as ISIL, in a slap at Israel — have never been infused with a strong helping of reality.

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So to hear him admit that ISIS and its ideology “pose a grave threat beyond the region” of Iraq and Syria is some sort of progress.

Don’t come away with the impression that he is suddenly telling the truth, however. Obama pointed to recent losses by ISIS as proof that … well, it really only proves that the caliphate’s troops can bleed like regular people, but the president was trying to make some sort of point about what a tough guy he really is. I just kind of zone out whenever he starts talking to the mirror.

But apparently, according to His Majesty, we’re going to defeat ISIS because we have Gandalf and Superman on our side or something. But he also said that it’s going to be a “long-term campaign” and a “generational struggle.”

There’s really still no plan there, as those phrases suggest. Obama apparently just expects to keep dropping bombs randomly and claiming victory until he can hand off the whole mess to the next president.

With any luck, that will be a president who actually wants to defeat ISIS.

Obama’s attitude toward ISIS is sort of like Dr. Frankenstein’s attitude toward his monster.

And why wouldn’t it be? Obama did more than any human being to create the first caliphate in nine decades. He has a proprietary interest.

His entire foreign policy in North Africa and the Middle East has been designed to coddle the Muslim Brotherhood and encourage its bastard offshoots like ISIS and al-Qaida to overthrow established governments that don’t endorse the fundamentalist Islamist worldview.

Combining tough talk and a do-nothing bombing campaign, Obama has created the perfect environment for terrorist longevity and recruitment.


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